11 SIGNS YOU HAVE DEPRESSION! {what I’ve never shared}

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These are some parts of Depression I’ve never talked about. I know so many of you will be able to relate. It is awful but it gets better. Being extremely self aware of what is happening is the best thing you can do. 💖⚡️TRY ONLINE THERAPY 💖⚡️http://tryonlinetherapy.com/lizziesanswers (1-week is free! I recommend this company, they’re great!!)

Next Friday I’m uploading the video I mentioned of what to do to treat/deal with depression… basically my day in a life of all the things I do to take care of myself. It is possible to live a flourishing and productive, even happy life when you are in Depression and have been diagnosed with a Mental Illness. NEW VIDEOS on Monday, Wednesday & Friday!

My HOW TO GET OUT OF DEPRESSION Video: https://youtu.be/t3zSCdCw8Gw

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Some Guy says:

How to fix depression:Step 1: Eat a whole food plant based diet. Science has discovered inflammation is one of the leading causes of depression. Plant based (whole food plant based) reduces the most amount of inflammation, while diets including meat/dairy/egg increases inflammation through several factors. You will also get the benefit of having the only diet PROVEN to reduce and prevent heart disease as well as reducing your risks of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer's, MS, IBS among others. Step 2: Meditation. In 2016 and in part 2015, neuroscientists learned that meditation (and mindfulness) are as effective, in  most cases more effective, then taking medication. Medication will get rid of your symptoms (Sometimes) where as meditation will cure it. Meditation allows you to control your brain waves, bringing most depressed people (who usually exhibit exclusively beta brain waves) into a more controlled state of mind. Allowing the person to almost immediately create alpha wave lengths which are associated with calmness, happiness etc. Beta wavelengths are associated with running thoughts/uncontrollable thoughts, anxiety and guess what, depression. By constantly being depressed your brain creates a "habit" of jumping to depressed feelings and creating neuropath ways that allow the depressed emotion to activate easily. Meditation allows you to break these habits and create new neuro pathways. Chemical imbalances are not really that "real", and are usually a result of inflammation or an imbalance that occurred after taking medication. I was a long time sufferer of depression. I jumped to these two things out of a last resort. I came off the meds and haven't been depressed in a very long time. The science in the last couple years only confirmed the methods that worked for me.

D J Koenig says:

I don't really ever cry but I do have serious bouts with depression. Depression for me feels like l'm slowly dieing, of empty, hopeless & exhaustion, and I only want it to be over.

Plush Tube says:

I think I might have depression but I’m not too sure

Annie Wang says:

I think more people need to see this video. Thank you for making this Lizzie, I think it helps some people.

Low Key says:

Everything fits so perfectly, the fatigue..and about the dreamig, it's already 2 years since I've created a character and everytime something awful happens to me it hits and depending on the situation even brings it to the verge of death while outside I'm just numb and not showing any kind of feeling at all. I stay so much in my bed that you can see the outline of my body in it, it even has discolored places.
I'm so afraid to tell anybody how I'm feeling because I think they will take advantage of it, or if I smile in public people will know what I like and what I don't and they will use that too.
I don't even know what I have and for how long and it's so tiring, I can't think about going to someone to be consulted about this. But most of this I live everyday..

victoria xo says:

i feel almost everything you mentioned ):

Betty Kim says:

This is actually the very first video about depression that I have searched. recently, though I don't want to admit it to myself, Myfamily especially or to any friend, that—for the past 6 months, I have been battling with depression. I have never felt like this before. Im 26 years old, healthy, married with a beautiful 4 years old daughter. However, the series of situation for the past 6 months changed my entire life rapidly. Our business withered, leaving us broke and unable to provide for our child's needs. To the point where we cannot even afford the rent and have to ask the landlord mercy for the late months' fees. My husband and I cannot be employed anymore due to our tax decree(something to do with our business)so there is no option around for now.We decided that it will be best for our daughter to stay with my Mother, at least, she would be taken cared of by my family. Now, I am away with my daughter, broke, and my marriage seems to fall apart. My husband and I are in constant arguments. I understand him in a way, but I think that he is not getting my point. A mother and a wife is always a different role, and if both are in compromise, it can definitely bring emotional psychological and physical turmoil. For 3 months, I have not been outside the house. I can still do the chores, laundry, cleaning and cooking for me and my husband but for days, sometimes if my husband is not around, I feel a force from the window trying to pull me, as if it tells me to jump(we live in the 3rd floor). As if death id talking to me, like"come dear, this is the only way to end your suffering" In moments like that, I feel very tempted. I definitely want to end my loneliness, my suffering, and this level of poverty we are in. But y moments with my daughter always flash in my head, like she is telling me, Mommy dont go. I want you to stay with me. While typing this, I cant keep but cry. Alone, in this room,with the thoughts of going to the country to live with my Child. But also, I cannot live my husband. I love them both. But I feel empty without her.I feel so unresponsible for having my kid be taken cared of by someone else.Anyway, she cannot stay here with us, it will make her suffer more seeing us in this very critical situation. For nor, mys husband and I are struggling to make things work and hopefully we can afford to get our child back and live like a normal family. We dont want to live a grand life. Just happy and contented. Watching this video makes me realize that i am not alone, I am not the only one experiencing this kind of depression. So I pray for everyone having the same problem with me. I hope that you should not give up, same hope for myself. May the Lord bless us all

a s h. says:

I always thought i just was weak and would have something where i would need to sleep longer but now i realized i just got fatigue

Jerica White says:

I just shared you on my Facebook first time I’ve been public with it. But people really needed to hear it. I’m 28 will be 29 next month with 3 kids and you describe it perfectly! People think oh your depressed you seemed happy today 🤦‍♀️.

Jerica White says:

You either over eat or don’t eat

Memes4lyfe says:

The first thing i did when i woke up today was to cry and think about everything bad in life

Rachel Lightsey says:

I have depression due to a rollover car crash 5 years ago. I fractured my c-4 and c-7 facets (the bones that wrap around the spinal chord area). I can still walk, but I have a lot of pain that I deal with from it. I have been keeping myself from really making friends and seeing my mother, because I am afraid. My mother..she is not very emotionally supportive….but, she had a lot of brain damage when she was a young teen. She fractured her skull in several places and was in a coma for 3 months. I wish I could talk to her about it, but she just told me that she has her own medical issues she is dealing with. It hurts so much that I cannot talk to her, without getting shut out. I cannot work and I am trying to get disability and there are times that…okay, a lot of times that i feel worthless, because i am not a contributing citizen to society. Also, like 6 years ago, my best friend decided to end our friendship of 15 years over something really stupid and had nothing to do with her. She just didnt like my fiance and said that I was causing drama. Sometimes, it get so bad…that I have to go outside to look for another person just to tell myself that I am not alone. I cry over stupid stuff all the time. I am on medical marijuana for that, my PTSD (from the rollover) and back pain. When you said that depression was from brain damage…it kinda clicked. I had injuries that were very close to that area and i never had depression before the accident, so I am just assuming here.

I am watching your videos and I was going through the intense lonely feeling and watching your videos help a lot. You are so brave to do this. Mine is a little different, because I also have anxiety. I believe I have that, because I also have Cerebral Palsy and was told I wouldnt be able to lead a normal life since I was a child. I have worked hard to get where I am today and i have a 3.5 GPA in college. But, I have issues with talking to people or trying new things, because I get anxious about it and run away. If I am in a conversation and it gets to awkward for me…I find a reason to flee from the situation, so I think that makes things worse. I better end things here, because OMG I could write a report. Please keep doing these videos, because I will watch them. I do have one request..maybe we could become facebook friends. My name is Rachel Lightsey. I dont expect you to do this, but I think I could benefit from your friendship, love and knowledge. It took a lot for me to do this, but you said to talk about it in one of your videos, so I am talking about it.

Kathryn Monfort says:

Lizzie I just watched this video and I wanted to say how I was moved and inspired by you – you are so intelligent and brave and giving – I had some lightbulb moments about my own life and I am going to try and share this on my page – I think you are an earth angel xx

Eileencheeks Espino says:

Last week on Monday we’ll basically Tuesday since I get off at 2am I got home and just cried my eyes out I walked to my room and cried I walked to the bathroom and cried I walked downstairs to wash clothes and cried, I felt so empty not gonna lie all I could think about was if it was better if I was gone. This emotional pain isn’t tolerable anymore. Like I pray every night I cry every night I just want some peace tbh. I’ve been thinking about talking and making YouTube videos because I want to hear what others feel because I know I’m not the only one. I wana be able to help those who are in my position I want to see me go from being in this hole to bettering myself. I just dont want to sound dumb or anything. Btw I’m crying right now… you give me so much hope. I really hope I could overcome this.

Eileencheeks Espino says:

What I fear the most rn since I’m going through depression seems to come up in my dreams and it feels so real… is there anything that I can do to help this?

Let Me Die Right Now Or I Will Kill Myself says:

Another sign: suicide attempts

r u b y says:

Thank you for sharing ❣️

ME AND ME says:

I dont want to get rid of it
It makes me feel good while cry and feel pain in you

I feel it good and bad in the same time

Thamilini says:

One day I was listening to the song Demons by Imagine Dragons and at the end of the song, there was a verse that said:

Your eyes, they shine so bright
I want to save their light
I can't escape this now
Unless you show me how

And when the last sentence was sung, I immidiatly broke down and cried. If you replace some words like this:

My eyes, they shine so bright
I want to save that light
I can't escape this now
Unless you show me how

It might make more sense why I broke down.

none sharpe says:

It is how i feel right now and it is very hard to talk to my mommy about and i want help but i not want to be away my family and i want to kill myself😭😭😭

Alicia Hayes says:

This is an excellent video. I love how you were able to describe things. I’ve had depersonalization once when I was withdrawing from an anxiety med. It was awful..like one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life.
I’ve been officially diagnosed with Clinical Depression & GAD. When I was much younger (19 or 20), I did have episodes of mania. It got to a psychotic level and I can’t remember much from that time (I wasn’t eating or sleeping, and I was very paranoid about the ppl in my life).
Anyway, I appreciate this video and I hope you are doing well.
I’m sorry that you have to suffer, but the knowledge you have from experience is going to help so many! 🤗

Yellow. says:

People always think that People with depression are lazy and don't want to do stuff.But the actual truth is:you actually want to do stuff,but you just can't.something is just holding you back ,as if there is a wall inbetween yourself and the outside world and your life.Or at least, that's how it feels like for me :/.

Shyanne Smith says:

you forgot another, overeating becase of depression. there has been many people who would switch to barely eating to over eating because of depression. just make sure you dont forgot that part the next time you talk about depression.

Ariell Pōmai says:

I get tired during the day but when it’s night, it’s torture to try and get my body to relax and go to sleep, it takes me hours. Then, no matter how long I’ve been asleep, I can barely move when I wake up. I’ve tried staying up for over 24 hours before sleeping but it doesn’t help me fall asleep any better.

Nathan Hackett says:

Hey Liz! This has just blown me away. You are incredible. So so smart, and have a gift to be able to communicate all of this with such natural delivery and making it so clear to be understood and for me, identified with. Thanks for your courage and the purely candid way you speak to us all. A special thanks for making us feel not so alone *tears. Big love.

Snazzy Jazzy! says:

the only person who knows is one of my few friends

Michelle Sunshinestar says:

I keep having dreams about being separated from my family. My friend said that it is a fear of loss.

eddsworld is life says:

i relate to all of these 😭

Niamh Jenkins says:

I have like all theese signs but I’m scared to tell my mum as she would just say oh u will get over it. Just be happy and everything so I don’t and I hide my scars

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