13 Reasons Why 2×07 | Jessica’s Panic Attack Scene | 1080p

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Jessica has a panic attack when she is in the changing room. All rights reserved to Netflix and Paramount Television.


Marshall Mathers says:

She's gorgeous. I used to hate her, but she kind of grew on me

D SRS says:


Julieta Vargas Cárcamo says:

The only good storyline in season two was Jessica's trauma.

Irene Katsouli says:

Girl in panic
Woman:You need to pay for that
Me:Fuck you

yxmmy says:


Ana Saavedra says:

I’m not surprised by that but it was still upsetting to watch

Harduf sror says:

My little heart😢
Jessicaa!! 🥀

Kyra Brown says:

Watching 13 reasons why i feel like ill have a panic attack because all the sadness in it and just vibes it gives off makes me scared and i get stomach aches watching it. That's why I've never actually watched it. Just saw clips

lizbeth says:

god i know how horrible panic attacks can be she played it so perfectly

Le Petit Monde de Clem says:

She’s play on teen wolf! Gwen

Fame Princess MSP says:

This is so heartbreaking, I feel bad for everyone who has been sexually assaulted.

cordilla jane reyes says:

Her acting is so on point that i can actually feel my panick attack starting a lil bit

MelLovesToDraw says:

I'm 16 years old and a female after watching season 2 it took like a day or so to get over 13RW because it really messes your head…yo not good there's a lot of cliff hangers too so that's why I'm still going to watch season 3

PennyWise says:

Love this scene so much, so realistic x

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