The 16 types of depression. Find out who you’re dropping in for 15 minutes.

tupes of depressiom

1Identify yourself to what type of depression you fall.

This is already possible! In the following lines, you can find out what forms of depression exist and decide which one applies to you. I will pay special attention to the lightest form of depression – dysthymia.

Depression can take many forms. What distinguishes these forms is the symptoms and circumstances associated with each of them, along with the duration and severity of the symptoms.

Often, however there is no clear boundary between the different types of depression. They sometimes have many common features. It is also possible that a person has more than one type of mood disorder. The following classifications will help you get a better perspective on depression issues.

In order to determine what treatment best suits your symptoms and circumstances, mental health professionals classify the various forms of depression. Classification begins with the main categories of depression:

Clinical depression


Adaptation disorder

Bipolar disorders