ASMR For Autism & Suicidal Thoughts| lovely ASMR s

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**disclaimer I am not a professional** this video is made for people that have autism and that deal with suicidal thoughts and also dealing with depression**

If there’s anything I could do don’t hesitate just talk to me on my instagram and I would gladly like to talk about your problem(s)**

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Lovely asmr S says:

Hey guys 🤩. How have you been doing? So I decided today to make a video for people that deal with autism and suicidal thoughts. If you would like to talk about something don't hesitate ask me on instagram. Hope you guys enjoy the video, love you guys😘😘😘

Mihaela Iusca says:

Uau fatestic

Kayliee Purp says:

0:41 “i apologise if the lightning isn’t really good” 😂😂

Jija Ji says:

Mark Zuckerberg got new life lmao

Farmer corby 82 says:

I don't have autism but I have Dislexia and it's hard for me

Skiloo 1 says:

I have been having sudcial thoughts a lot lately and anxiety and things like that and this helps a lot, it comforts me how I can have something to watch with people who target serious topics and it actually helps me relax, thanks

Shadow X says:

Wait he has autism

Nam Ngo says:

Your my favorite ASMR youtuber! Keep it going!

Fire_Wood _Fires says:

I have suicidal thoughts a lot 😓😔

Malt Geezer says:

Title sounds pretty heavy but tbh someone’s gotta talk about it and he’s doing a cracking good job of it 👍

Damian Sotelo says:

Kill yourself stupid ugly fat kid

Skye Aantjes says:

Ik hou hiervan💓

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