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Today Mama had to work which means you get a ” John vlog” ! Can you believe it ?? You follow John throughout the day with just him and our sweet Ella. As Autism parents we have a hard time stepping out of our comfort zones. We proved today that we are no longer going to be afraid of trying new things. We love you all so much! Please make sure you give John a big thumbs up for stepping out of his comfort zone and vlogging alone for the very first time! Im so so proud.

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FatheringAutism says:

Ummm…that establishing shot at 3:03 is ev ree thang! Slow clap for the dad vlog over here.

TaZoChel says:

Ella seems to be making progress in leaps and bounds! Just watching these few months of videos I can see a huge difference. You guys are doing a fabulous job! John is great with Ella and I can tell that's a regular thing for him. All three of you are so adorable….love your sweet family. just so you know….I wrote all that before you came home in the video. deadpan…"I"m so excited"…John is a hoot!

emily kuntz says:

I love ❤️ it!!!

Meredith Taylor says:

#johnblog 🙂

visha wilson says:

awwww John and ella are #twinning!!! John said your forehead is on fiiirrreeee!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I'm cracking up🤣🤣🤣🤣 tell him kiss it and make it better!!🤗

BloodLace Rose says:

#Johnvloggs I think you did an amazing job. Even got the car backing out of the driveway, awesome. Have a good night you guys!!! AMB…Rose

Lisa Rayner says:

Great video and a great Dad. xx

addienic1 says:

Amazing job dan!!

Mupped_30 says:

oh ella you are doing so good girl . and ofcourse mom and dad high five for you guys .
our son is just the same he do not like hard music and sounds its so sad for him . every day at a time

jenmunce says:

John has come so far from being uncomfortable on carmera. You did great!!! Love you guys!!!

Dee Cates says:

I have missed a couple of vlogs since I started watching you guys. I really enjoy watching you and Autism Dad. I will go back and watch them as soon as I am able to. I have been very, very sick again…. I am just trying to make it til the 18th without having to be put back into the hospital. I will finally get to see the GI dr that saw me in May and he is the first GI dr who has been able to make me feel comfortable and feel like he understands my other health issues too. So I pray he really does turn out to be a Dr who can help me.
I also wanted to say that when my besties son KT or aka Bubba was finally after a very long and hard road when she finally was told that Bubba has Autism she was just happy to have a n answer. But sadly her husband was not believing the diagnosis. And it was so sad watching them dealing with the news. It really was just hard on their marriage. I remember she always took him everywhere and he is non-verbal. (Except when he sees me he does smile and will give me a hug and says "Dee Deet". Lol. And he also says "Dee Deet" when he gets upset). I am sure it is a coincidence but his parents always says he is trying to tell me someone or something upset him. Lol. But back to what I was saying I think it really helped him that she did take him everywhere and always tried to include him as much as possible. And I think she has done and is doing a great job with him.
You have an amazing daughter and I just want to say to keep up the great work and just continue to work together to do whatever is best for your daughter and your family. Love you guys.

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