Autism Psychiatry

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Autism psychiatry…why does she go to the shrink? Pretty much just to get meds for anxiety and sleep. We wish we could go the more natural route for her but nothing we’ve tried yet has helped. CBD oil and Melatonin had adverse effects and other natural remedies were ineffective. We finished setting up the concession stand for football and we are ready to roll. Lastly, Llama Llama Red Pajamas is life.


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Jenna George says:

Love how happy she was to get to school!

Beatriz says:

Priscilla, your food is muuuch better than this junk food LOL. My mom is a snack and junk food mom but I love it ☺️💕

Britanee Lilly says:

RE NOSEBLEEDS: we just had to get C's nose cauterized because of nosebleeds. (Under sedation and she did great) We found vaseline to dry out her nose. Coconut oil, aquaphor, and Boogie Mist are staples around here. Fingers crossed the bleeding resolves.

Ellie Mae says:

Only been watching for a few weeks and find you guys amazing

jess q says:

Also here before one year!!!

tigerwoman484 says:

I was here before just wasn't watching every day like I have been doing since June

jess q says:

I think the length is perfect!!! Love u guys!!! #maasssqad

8happyperson says:

I love long vlogs! Actually most vloggers i watch have 20 to 30 minute vlogs

Lars Guthrie says:

I was here at 3,000 #firstyear

Rebecca Ramagge says:

I like you talking 🙂 keep all the footage in and if it’s 10mins it’s 10mins but if it reaches 25-30mins that’s great

tigerwoman484 says:

I don't mid, I just play a game while watching

Sue Mick says:

My last dog had summer hot spots and I jumped through every dietary hoop suggested with no effect. One I didn't try was a vet suggested adding local honey. The thought being it was an allergy to wild native plants and local bees would be making honey from potential allergy sources.

Stephanie Roseblade says:

I like the length of your blogs, I think that on the days you’ve covered a lot of things; the vlog is the perfect length, otherwise you’d have had to scrap moments from your day. But I’m also ok when you feel you want to make a shorter one too. It is you, who invites us into your lives; so i am grateful for what you allow. Cilla, whilst other bloggers may have more junk in their homes, I’m pretty sure after seeing what you cook; there’s many who wish they could provide what you do for their families.

Rhonda B. says:

Been here since about 4,000

Rainbow Karma says:

Congrats on 110,000 subscribers!!!

Brookie Brooke says:

Every once in a while a longer video is cool, but not everyday…I think like the 15 min mark is a good vlog time!👍👍👍

Rhonda B. says:

It's all about the content. You wouldn't have 110K followers if you didn't have the content 🙂

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