Destigmatizing Bipolar Depression | Eric Chase | TEDxToledo
In 2005 Eric was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, depression, and anxiety; after learning more about his condition, he began to realize how much his dogs helped him cope with symptoms. He knows firsthand about the [More]
Bipolar Disorder | Talking about mental health – Episode 7
Steve, Joe and Laura talk about what it’s like living with bipolar. They discuss what they’ve found has helped and how they use their friends and family’s support to stay well. For more information on [More]
Types of depression and bipolar disorder in the DSM5
What are the different types of depression and bipolar disorder and what are the differences between them? Includes a discussion of Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia), Seasonal affective disorder, postpartum depression, Bipolar 1 [More]
10 Facts About Bipolar Disorder That Everyone Should Know
Bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive disorder, is a mental illness characterized by extreme mood swings. Other symptoms of Bipolar include shifts in energy as well as activity levels. For the most part, Bipolar can and [More]
Bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders: Ayur rekha: Ithalukal 8th Oct 2014
Bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders: Ayur rekha: Ithalukal 8th Oct 2014
Korean researchers inch closer to radical treatment for bipolar disorder
늘어나는 ‘조울증’…근본적 치료 가능성 열어 A mild form of bipolar disorder is becoming increasingly common among people in Korea these days due to various stress factors. A local research team here in Korea has found [More]
What is bipolar disorder?
Bipolar disorder is a mental illness marked by extreme shifts in mood ranging from elation to a depressive state. Bipolar disorder is also called bipolar disease or manic depression. (Audio in Hindi) Watch more videos: [More]
Bipolar Disorder Treatment: A Unique Approach.
To contact me directly and get answers to your questions, join us on Patreon: Welcome to another Bipolar Disorder support video from Polar Warriors. So many of us feel like we’ve tried just about [More]