Deepika Padukone Visual Memory Challenge – Guess Movies from Looks
Are you a big Deepika Padukone and Bollywood movies fan? Have you seen her movies like Piku, Padmavat, Bajirao Mastani, Ye Jawani Hai Deewani and Chennai express umpteen time? Can you recall various Deepika Padukone [More]
Overcoming Dyslexia:05 Understand your Visual Memory and improve literacy
We take our visual memory for granted. A teacher can’t see what is happening in a child’s visual memory and this is the key to learning easily. After this try exploring what increased stress does [More]
How to run the VISUAL MEMORY TEST on the Eye Champion Test Program
Mind’s Eye; the Brain relies constantly on Visual Memories
To create a visual perception of the world, your brain ALWAYS relies as much on sight as memories. Susan Greenfield: “Our brains are constantly distorting what we see. Using imagination, our brains take a bold [More]
THE SECRET TO BETTER MEMORY! Memory Part 2 – Verbal vs. Visual Memory
CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE AND SHOW SUPPORT! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW OBSERVE WEBSITE! Whether cramming for an exam in college, memorizing countries for geography high school, or attempting to ace a [More]
Show «The Incredible people». Egor Dubrovin. Unique visual memory
«Udivitelnye lyudi» will give participants the opportunity to show their own unique abilities, in which the ordinary person is hard to believe. At the end of each release the audience by voting selects one of [More]