Depression During Pregnancy & How To Deal

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Hi guys:)

This video is JUST my experiences, and what I did on my own to help with my Antepartum Depression. It was obviously a very personal video and I hope it helps anyone who suffers from this type of depression. I hope it didn’t come off as a pity-party or like I’m looking for sympathy because TRUST ME, I am not.

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Raisa Bartsch says:

Thank you ever so much😊

Paula Lashes! says:

Wow that must have been traumatic to lose at 20 weeks. I’m very sorry for your loss. You sound like a strong, brave woman

Taylor Reimers says:

you are brave for sharing your story.

Kristiyan Nikolov says:

I was doing my research on this topic and I got to see your video and story. Every woman during pregnancy must visit a therapist at least once a month due to high hormones and heightened emotions. Please visit my Instagram page
Next week I am planning on doing videos on how to deal with stress and depression during pregnancy.

Amy Mallett says:

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's my first pregnancy, and I had to quit my 2nd job in 1 month. I love to work, but 24/7 nausea, no motivation, no energy, sadness…let alone excitement or enthusiasm for the baby that's coming. I've been beating myself up. Thank you thank you, and hope you are feeling much better!

Rosalie Bluestein says:

I'm 13 weeks, I have no energy at all. I'm on an anti depressant so I don't cry very much but housework doesn't get done. Now I'm starting to not even leave the house. Takes me hours to get motivated if I do leave. I thought it was severe fatigue at first, now I'm sure its also depression.

With Love Sindhu says:

Thank you for sharing this! Im pregnant and I’m going through depression and anxiety right now! Watching your video definitely helped. Thank you.

Azemina Masovic says:

It’s my first pregnancy and I’ve felt weird for a good week now ( I’m at week 12 ) and I didn’t know what was going on and why I was feeling so crappy. I don’t feel beautiful, my energy is 0 and I can’t sleep at night. Everything bothers me, I can’t wash the dishes or our clothes. I sleep during the day because at night I just can’t.

Today I read something on an app that I use about depression at week 12 and it really got to me so I just started crying.

A question for experienced women: did you talk to someone? How did you tell your partner about this?

May God bless us all for going through this because it really isn’t easy.

LifeofQueen Cee says:

I currently 16 weeks. I'm so scared all the time, all ways crying, losing a lot of hair and I already was finding a solution for that months ago for pcos. My weight was hard in the beginning because I wasnt able to gain it. Trying to get some exercising after I get off work but I dont want to put more pressure on my body than what my baby can take. It's so hard feeling like a bad mom and wife. It's hard lol.

Kendra Speers says:

I’m pregnant with twins and I honestly just feel sad all day everyday. My husband cheated on me for two years and I found out right before I found out I was pregnant. I think that has a lot to do with why I’m so shut down but I an positive I have depression. Thank you for talking about this.

sprinkles - videostar edits says:

Forget that all this damn spitting from my mom is annoying I know she can’t help it but for the love of god I wish it could stop

Cried Out says:

I'm 21 weeks and My partner has decided to cheat and I don't know how to deal with this I was already stressed out and overwhelmed by other things that were going on in My life but this really topped the cake. I cry constantly I can't control My emotions, all My friends are in a different country so he was the only person I had I built My life around him so Idk what to do. I'm worried about the baby I don't want to hurt him but I can't help feeling like I'm dying from heart break. I am alone right now in all this.

Vanessa Jones says:

I am feeling this, all this my ob put me on zoloft. I'm 28 weeks, it's been so hard… I have 3 kids, I have cried and been so down, my husband isnt understanding it either. The slow motion feeling is how I feel, I feel the extreme sorrow. Its affecting my marriage, and that's making me even sadder.

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