Divided attention, selective attention, inattentional blindness, & change blindness | Khan Academy

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Learn about divided attention, selective attention, inattentional blindness, & change blindness. By Carole Yue. . Created by Carole Yue.

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C Ty says:

Dang i got 14 stars snd 12 xs

Milly Brittain says:

Thank you so much.

Megha Kapoor says:

Aren't the three factors that are noticeable through change blindness race, age, and gender? I believe this was proven through Simons and Levin.

Joel Anaya says:

Excellent video by Khan Academy – per usual.

Joshua Barker says:

is this basically capacity theory? you can divide attention but only to a certain extent?

Alexander Zeisberg says:

If attention is focused on a conversation with intention and your name is heard from across the room, why is that not Exogenous? The grandma is an external noise who says something that carries meaning and this makes it not a popout effect but an attention grabing affect that is intentional or endogenous?

Michael LoPiccolo says:

Great work.  Excellent pace and detail.

Mohsen A says:

i like it a lot

uk manchester says:

thanks for the video, keep up the good work!

Adam Zerner says:

Very well explained.

Juniper Bartlett says:

When I used my fingers, I got really close.

xristiana sophia says:

Excellent video!!! Thank you for this.

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