How To Calm Down During A Panic Attack

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Breathe in. Breathe out longer. Hold it. Repeat.

If you need to talk to someone immediately, you can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and or the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741. Suicide helplines outside the US can be found here:

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Monmon Ahmad says:

Help!!! I feel like I'm dying, I know that I'm not
I've had too many panic attacks to know that I'm not but I still feel like my heart is going to burst
I don't know what to do
I need help and I don't know how to get it
I'm so scared

Bucky Boi says:

You made is worse WTF

Sabrina Adrienne says:

Why did this stress me out more?

ayo chimchim you got jams says:

People here are joking while me when I had a panic attack in front of my family they thought I was dying and started crying. Thank you for joking on an important thing.

Queen Angie Moreno says:

This video really calmed me down I watch every time I am have a panicatack

TheGrandmaPeprikaGamerShow! says:

Buzzfeed, thank you.

I was having an anxiety attack and this calmed me so quickly. Thank you so so so much. Thank you 💕 to everyone struggling.

You matter to me.
Your not alone.
The pain won’t last forever.

Mr. Chocolate says:

I cried so much watching this. Im so tired of being anxious. Its really harsh.

Christina Wentzell says:

I just had a huge fight with my brother and I had a panic attack. You just, can't breathe, everything is blurry, your sweating, crying, you can't stand up because you're too dizzy… Thank you so much for this video, I'm still a little panicky, but this really helped a lot. Tysm 😊

Hicks1975 says:

this really helped.

Cranberoo says:

Lately, my panic attacks have come from sitting in a car that's driving down a highway.
In my head I keep thinking that the car I'm in will crash (especially when said car begins to pick up speed). It's a horrible experience, but I've noticed that sights of buildings or similar structures calm me down while on the highway.
Still, I've been on highways before and i never knew my anxiety would get this bad. Hopefully, this feeling will pass away soon…

DonatorCC PvP says:

Ok never taking 80mg of ritalin EVER again

ANKER SG says:

I am scared because I just watch the conjuring

Almaryne Buford says:

This worked and I was completely calmed down, until, for some idiotic reason, I glanced back at the tarantula that was on my bedroom floor at the time. I have arachnophobia and have never owned a tarantula, just woke up one night and there was one just sitting on my floor, staring at me.

Hamsters Play ROBLOX says:


Ana lyse says:

Idk if i have anxiety but when i do somwthings like school my hart starts racing and i start writing and feel like i meed to do something but at the same time i hate everyones eyes on me does anyone know if its anxiety or not? Im going to the doctors soon but i want help like meds my hart just feels like its punching fighting to escape but idk and its not a hart attack because im still ok im atill able to type and talk and fully function but do i have anxiety disorder?💛💙💜💚❤

Ana lyse says:

I feel better my harts not beating out of my chest anymore idky but its been doing that for a while im supposed to go get checked and im nervous to see whats wrong with me whats happening inside my chest

kaidanariko says:

Speaking as someone who has TERRIBLE panic attacks that sometimes require immediate medical attention and medication to resolve most of this video doesn’t work.

I understand the premise. But to me this wouldn’t help panic. Anxiety sure. Severe anxiety attack? Most likely. Beginnings of a small panic attack. Possibly. A full blown panic attack? Nope.

At that point if disassociated and can only feel my body shaking and hear my heart pounding in my ears while my brain is telling me I’m certain I’m dieting and no one around listens as I’m drowning in my own breaths as my lungs feel like they’re gluing shut.

Panic is not anxiety. It is it’s own separate beast. It’s like saying all headaches are migraines. No. Migraine are a type of headache. But if you’ve never had a migraine before you’ll think your headaches are bad. But nope.

Little Fish says:

it is 10:20 and i started having an anxiety attack about school, friends, family etc.. when i get an anxiety attack at some point my mind says you’re going to throw up because you have a stomach ache. i don’t have a stomach ache it’s anxiety, i tell myself. i start crying because i don’t know what to do and i recently stopped seeing my therapist because she left for maternity leave. i want to say thank you for helping me and helping me calm down because i would’ve still been crying if i hadn’t crossed this video

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