How to talk to someone with depression

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Tom Spriggs at The Coronel Group

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Axilliant Drox says:

This needs to go viral…Thanks Anna

Sophia Sumido says:

yOu ShoUld go oUt more
dRINK WATER !!!1!!1!1!
it’s All In YoUr hEad
PEOplE havE it So muCh WoRse than you

Abhi Sharma says:

"Protect yourself and define your boundries while trying to be there for someone"- This is soo important message and cannot be overstated.

Stefaniyalalooyasboo says:

This really helped!! Thank you so much

Smol Li says:

One of the reasons why I never told my parents when I was going through depression was because I knew my mum would say "You don't have any reason to be depressed. There are people in much worse situations than you." Or something along those lines bc my mum is pretty synical when it comes to mental illnesses like depression probably just because she doesn't fully understand it. It was hard but when I was enduring it I didn't really want to tell anybody anyway. Also, it is true that eventually things change. It can take a while but eventually it will change if you just stay strong and keep holding on.

What The Cat says:

2:312:35 How did you do that? can somebody teach me how to do that? would realllyyy appreciate your help

I am Shishtar says:

I don't know if I find you that funny, but I love your videos, they are so intriguing. The editing is just beautiful

Peter Gašperan says:

Hey, do you wanna go out with me?

d sar says:

It's funny how you claim you are depressed yet you always act energetic and happy.

Bunny Vanni says:

People!!! Can anybody help me voting for "The watchers" in this page? please please please

forest_fairy13 says:

The only mental illness that is held to the standard of physical ones is war survivor PTSD

Brian Clark says:

Depression had really got an iron-fisted hold on me and had succeeded in doing so during the last three years. I was very sad like everyday I want to to perish. By after using this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) my life again is socolorful which made me a better person, perform exercise and drop 44lbs.

Ciara Bourguet says:

I want some soup

Goldie Empyre says:

I told my closest friends I cut myself. One yelled at me and the other pretty much just laughed at me.

WherAmxZnHappns says:

There's levels to depression. My whole immediate family deals with it. Ours comes in waves, my wife though…hers is different.

Meditation definitely helps. But most people don't know how, or understand what meditation really is. Finding purpose also helps.

Courtney Churchill says:

My mom keeps on saying that she will get me a counselor or a therapist and she has been saying that for 5yrs now and asks me why im crying on the daily i try to tell her and she yells at me for crying and that just makes me cry even more…

Cheryl Yang says:

What did you wear on your lips? Gorgeous af

Arianna says:

I have genetic depression i didnt get depression from any exact reason like being bullied or neglected. Everybody in my family brains are just not chemically balanced.

Ayla Purdy says:

My mom should watch this.

H D says:

Told my friend i'm suicidal she's like get over it.
I don't blame her mental health isn't something that's given awareness in our society.

Vera van der Wolf says:

Fnaf at the background

Miles Johnson O'Dowd says:

You may not notice this after almost a year, but as a sufferer, going through the process of figuring out the right combo of drugs to help, you hit the nail on the head. And if the ailment still aflicts you I just want to say that you are not only smart, but lovely enough to challenge Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena for the golden apple.

Lazaro Vazquez says:

😭 when does it stooooooop?

Kylie k says:

thank you so much for being the only person that understands how other ppl see me. i love you so much already oh my gosh

Dissonantia Cognitiva says:

Well when the illness wasn't there before and then you are married to a depressed partner and you have a baby, you lost your job, you are trying to avoid a hip replacement after not being able to do sports for 4 years and your depressed partner decided to quit her job suddenly empathy goes out the window because your snowball is getting bigger and your partner just added a truckload of snow…

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