Is a Psychology Degree for Me?

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Professor Marc Buehner, from Cardiff University School of Psychology, explains what you can expect from a psychology degree from debunking myths, to course content and job prospects.

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what’s up 124 says:

Can you do a phsychology course without any science qualifications?

Anna Gavenčiaková says:

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Priya Mishra says:

Can i do msc in clinical psychology after bsc nursing

isha pokharel says:

I am currently studying BBA and i'm thinking to study MBA in finance. But i really want to study psychology. So can i do my MBA in psychology after doing MBA in finance. I know it will be a double masters but anyways.
I am interested in both fields, i am just confused which field to pursuee my career in.


I have physics, chemistry, maths and biology in class 11…I don't have psychology but have interest in this subject …can I get chance in any well-known university for psychology degree?

Vaishali Potdar says:

I don't have maths as I m PCB 12th student…..can I enter psychologist career…?

Silent Night says:

I done my I do M.A in psychology? Or if I want to become psychiatrist what Qualifications I need?

Ravi Prabhakar says:

And what about masters degree.. I'll be completing my BA PSYCHOLOGY by 2020 and I want to study further in Neuropsychology or forensic psychology… And later a PhD… Well in india you don't find colleges in Neuropsychology to give you up to the mark of education and further scholarships

James Lewis says:

the sentence when you said "if you wonder………" everything was literally things i think about daily lol

Sohit Narwal says:

Hey , I have arts subjects with math in my 12th ,can i do psychology course in a good university without science background at school??

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