Jay-Z – Empire State Of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys) [Official Music Video]

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Watch Jay Z And Alicia Keys – “Empire State Of Mind” – Vevo (remastered) From Album: The Blueprint 3.

Vocals – Jay-Z, Alicia Keys
Writer(s) – Janet Sewell, Angela Hunte, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Sylvia Robinson, Burt Keyes, Alicia Keys, Alexander Shuckburgh
Producer(s) – Alexander Shuckburgh
Keyboards – Jeff Bhasker, Kevin Randolph
Engineer – Chris Godbey, Andrew Dawson, Karl Heilbron, Marcos Tovar, Miki Tsutsumi, Ann Mincieli
Arranger – Hart Gunther,
Assistant – Jason Wilkie
Audio Mixing – Ken Duro Ifill
Assistant Audio Mixing – Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young
Mastering – Tony Dawsey
Editor – Jason Wilkie
Recording – Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton, Ann Mincieli, Luke Steele
Music samples – “Love on a Two-Way Street” by The Moments

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Ahmed Yassin says:

2018 and this song still beutifual 😍😍

Tilak Das says:

I am your big fan jayyyy … And I love this song

Gust Toubast says:

Why does my pump do 9 damage

Joe Andrei says:

i can't belive this only have 7 Million views, fuck those fakers who reuploaded this/made a lyric video and have more views

Jenral Adel says:

New york new york ❤

Darren Stamper says:

Shit dope😎

pizzy _1441 says:

This song gives me goosebumps

Super spaghetti 63 says:

99:99 my favorite part

TheRichKid says:


xx._andrea says:

So sad not seeing the twin towers

iRACK Killz says:

The nostalgia😭

Ciaran MacKeigan says:

such an inspiring song..i personally love the line.. "there is nothing you cant do" best song ever ;o

squid squiddle says:

2:00 best part

Kobe Bryant says:

iconic track rs

Paoh Martinez says:


Jessa Villegas says:


C3N1 3R1J0N says:

This song makes me very sad 😞

Kongping Chang says:

this song was after 9/11 to cheer some people

Gradient Strike says:

Alright I get it New York is cool.

Dnax 04 says:

Put it on Spotify then

Gabriela Luna says:

i cant stop listening to this song!! im going to NYC on nov 6 and im beyond excited!!!! cant waitttttt!!!


Guacamole guac-guacamole

Sunshine Guimary says:

What happened in original ?!?

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