My struggle with panic attacks

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what worked for me to minimize panic attacks won’t necessarily work for everyone, so if you are in need of help, here are some links that may be helpful:

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AnthonyPadilla says:

i know this was a huge departure from my normal type of video but i really wanted to let you in on what i've went through and i hope it somehow helps someone.

see ya later bye guys press a like <3

Lionblurz says:

I've had anxiety for a long time and quite a few panic attacks, I agree with everything in this video, it helps to talk to people and it helps to make yourself realize that its all in your head

probo setyoko says:

for those who doesn't skip to 1:20 good luck

animation life says:

Same I got a push from a girl and I felt like I was sinking into the floor and I couldn't even breathe so I closed my eyes but I was too afraid to open them until my bff held my hand for 30 minutes and I breathed and I opened my eyes and asked if the panic attack was over even know I could still here the wind in my ears and my friend speaking I am really sensitive I had loads of panic attacks and whenever I do I know to search help from a friend or family member close by

himynameisHANNAH says:

Panic attacks are horrible… My first panic attack was during my freshman year, even though I’ve had anxiety disorder since 6-7 grade. It was probably the stress of high school that triggered it. I couldn’t stop hyperventilating and panicking, I kept having crazy thoughts of literally anything bad (family dying, going to a mental hospital, etc.) and I couldn’t stop that either. I couldn’t stop shaking and shivering. I felt crazy and like no one understood me, my suicidal thoughts came back during that one period of panic, it’s just horrible and I can relate on a real level to anyone else who’s suffered through this kind of thing. The only way I’ve been able to deal with it is having my family, friends, and teachers/counselors supporting me through this whole ordeal. I’ve also found outlets like YouTube to help when I’m feeling down as well. If anyone is going through something crazy right now just know you can get through it and you are not alone. ❤️

Creed Gamer says:

I'm 13 and I've had about 5 honestly a feeling to scare a god

Fart King Reviews says:

I fucking hate panic attacks!!!

HeyItz Nae says:

I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT VLOG IS CALLED (im just very intrested, don't judge)

Noobly25000 says:

I actually just recently turned 18 and have been struggling with panic attacks as of late for some odd reason. I Still have no idea why but my first one actually happened when I was driving. Now it actually happens more often when I drive and some other times. When you brought up the point that it happens when you don't want it to and not being in control and for the first time since I have been having them I finally realized why I might be having them. This video also gave me some good tips on how to handle them and that I'm not the only one struggling with them. Thanks Anthony, you really did help me today.

Rach says:

I’m so glad I’m not alone ❤️❤️❤️ thank you Anthony for making this video and thank you people in the comments for sharing as well.

SuperGamerXD says:

This just happened to me for the first time a few months ago, that was really scary that I thought I was too unhealthy and I am getting a heart attack. No wonder I saw this video.

patuator says:

I had a really small panic attack once i think. And anthiny that looks scary sorry bb

Alayna Rosas says:

My first panic attack was in the fourth grade. I didn’t know what was happening so I thought I was sick. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was weak and lost a lot of weight and couldn’t walk. I was at home for two weeks instead of being at school. When I finally went back to school I was with the principal and nurse freaking out and telling them to call my mom. When I get panic attacks it feels like I can’t breath and I fell like I’m about to pass out and start seeing blurry. I’m in the tenth grade now and still have anxiety attacks. Not as bad but getting better. Like Anthony, I get panic attacks because I’m scared of getting a panic attack

yohanna Luz says:

Hello, i'm from Brasil and i have panic attacks since 2017. It's terrible, i know. I'm passing exactly for what you're passing.

Osahon Osa says:

It's so not fun. I know that feeling.

Paula Dourado says:

Anthony, your experience with panic attacks made me feel understood. I had a rough semester this year. I went back to my parents house and having to deal with their shit besides my own, it's terrible. I'm in my second semester in college and besides having anxiety and panic attacks whilst trying to cope with the fact that my parents are far from being perfect (I know that they're human….) but it feels alien to live in a house that I feel that constant fear of stepping into a minefield.
Besides that… I had a somewhat a relationship with a guy (that was in another relationship) and the aftermath of this was just brutal and terrible for me, I couldn't even pay attention to classes, I would cry if I heard his voice until one time I had a full blown panic attack, where I ended up falling down into the bathroom floor… it was horrible, I really thought I was going to die there.

I was lucky to find some solace through prayer, friends and counseling… But that feeling never goes away and my only way out is to pray to God to help me be more dependent on Him and control myself, because it's all about being able to control yourself and if you fall, let it out and then keep fighting.

Your testimonial was inspiring and I hope you continue to feel better and better keeping this amazing channel and continuing your legacy.


Just do it lol says:

I hate anxiety it keeps coming back and it mostly happens at school and then I just leave the class everyone looks at me wired the teachers force me to be in class and I told them that why can't I do my work somewhere else there like no u have to be in class 😒

martin duffy says:

Some times l think we live in times where we worry about what other people think of us and if you have low self image or esteem this can manifest into panic attacks here is my advice. Do your best and don,t give a fuck what people think of you just go about your business people can be very cruel if you allow it be tough with a good heart

martin duffy says:

It's hard but when you experience panic attacks stand your ground let it come and let it go remember you have to return to normal and also you are NOT going to die your heart dose beat faster for a little while but will return to normal don,t be afraid of these attacks just treat them as a annoyance

luxusmode111 says:

I had panic attacks back when I didn't understand what it was. I tried to explain it to my mom, but she told me I'm probably just tired and overthinking and should go out more. I believed her for a while, but it got worse. In my country, not a lot of people knew about mental health. It wasn't seen as something serious. Back in college, there were at least eight people who kill themselves every year. The rate doubled during my last year, which finally made the admin do something about it. At least it's getting better now. A bill on mental health was signed just this year. Now I'm getting all the help I need. It just sucks when your community is just at the phase of recognizing mental health issues as something real.

Ryan Lion says:

I’ve seen people do these types of videos before, but this was completely accurate and it felt weirdly good to have something so relatable like that. So thank you 🙂

Gavin Magnus says:

Bro still loving vids of course the one with me in it is my favorite BTW I got a new haircut got to go check it out lol have a great day

Sunnydays says:


セルジュSerge says:


Thank you anthony.

Natalie Riste says:

I agree with everything you said in this video. It is something that you can control with your mind and let get the best of you. I do believe that stress and pressure have a lot to with it too and over thinking. You just have to realize that is in your head and you are in control

Gemma Helyer says:

Great video!
I can totally relate to this video! I get the numbness in my hands it’s horrible.
I also did a video about panic attacks you should check it out if you have some time 🙂

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