Nelly Pencheva – Social Psychologist

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Master of Social Psychology

I was born in 1980 in St. Zagora. In 1999, I graduated the Geo Milev GMP with a biology and French language class. I became a bachelor in psychology in 2004 with a pedagogy profile. A year and a half later, and Master in Social Psychology. Since 2005 until 2013. I have been working in a home for people with physical disabilities – St. Zagora, and I myself have a physical disability. I now have a private cabinet, I write psychology topics of excellent quality, because writing is a passion. I also teach students lessons. I’m married and I enjoy a happy marriage.

I work in the following areas of psychology with a preset time:

  • Psychological study of the person / for TEMC or other institutions /
  • Consultations on nervous attacks and mental disorders
  • Consultations for the elderly and disabled children and their relatives
  • Stress advice
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Trainings individually and in groups
  • Group counseling and sharing with people with similar issues
  • Psychotherapy
  • Problems in children in learning and at school, motivation
  • Therapy in adults who do not understand the speech or can not reproduce it
  • Psychology Lessons / Psychology /
  • Autogenous training


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