Nietzsche and Psychology: How To Become Who You Are


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In this video we shed light on what it means to “become who you are”, and in the process, explore some of Nietzsche’s fascinating psychological insights.
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  1. We have two parts, the conscious and the primal. Though the conscious side guides us through the day to day, the face that most people see, it is the animal side of us that remains king of our actions. It is our emotions, it is our passions, and it can wreck our conscious mind if suppressed for too long.

    I always felt that Nietzche sought dominion over the primal side of himself, and lost. It's something to work with rather than conquer. A ying to the yang if you will.

  2. The organizing idea is condemnation in man. Without our intervention, condemnation doesn’t exist. There is now no condemnation for those who are in the Christ of human value. The organizing idea is particularly demanding as it requires becoming the animal. Become condemnation!
    Take on the name…refer to yourself as mr./ms. Condemnation. I live by this form of identity and possession with reward…fascinating! The freedom of condemnation captured and bound provides for a love and compassion of life and living on any front. All things truly work for the good of those whose weakness becomes their greatest ally. Judgement voluntarily stripped of self allows for infinite purpose and power.
    The definition of faith has changed for me. FAITH…..gratitude and humility where they should not exist!

  3. I do not believe the Nietzsche's Madness was organic. I have always suspected and now, after your presentation an certain that Friedrich Nietzsche drove himself mad.

  4. I think this is the philosophy of the casting away of the conscience. It’s a war mentality, or a greed mentality that allows for the near complete elimination of a moral code beyond the law which is easily broken if you have no conscience. Only a guilty conscience equates the deepest parts of the soul with a labaryth of fear. That’s suppressed guilt and where could this internal conflict come from? A crisis of faith maybe? How can you build a philosophy predicated on a faith that so many that follow the philosophy reject? Because in my opinion this is a counterpoint to Christianity, but as if Christianity is a reality of the natural world that can be rebelled against. I don’t think it is a reality and so this philosophy looks like childhood rebellion to me. Like spoiled children justifying their station by molding the culture to their will through the worship fashion and indulgence or excessive fasting as an odd display of wealth. Bending those in their influence to their will like they were taught to manipulate their family as spoiled children. I’m sick of pretending these religions made for the cold hearted are just philosophies.

  5. This was an enlightening video, I'll definitely have to look more into Nietzsche's work. I first learned about him from one of my closest in HS and I can say that he makes some good points. The part about the Beast Within was what really stuck with me because what immediately came to mind was otaku culture and how it's incredibly indulgent and filled with sexual content.

    I've recently got into drawing hentai so that I may make money doing it and I've been conflicted over the issue of what it means for me as a Muslim to create that kind of art. I was afraid that in the process of making hentai for others, that I'd be perpetuating their possible addiction or indulgence into a Huxlian control system. But I also understood that even in this hypersexualized culture, people need an outlet to express that which is hidden deep within themselves and seek further self-discovery to become more healthy balanced individuals.

  6. Pretty sure we always are who we are. That's my essay. No need to elaborate on how to go around in circles. Schwanzkoepfe will pleasure themselves.

  7. So good… Thank you very much for this post. It always was my plan to read "gay science" now I know more how much it is useful. Thank you…

  8. This is crazy beautiful. This post just gave me much needed motivation to finish "Beyond Good and Evil" thanks 4 posting!

  9. "Beyond" Good and Evil? Should simply read; Good and Evil as these are the only two competing motives that go on in our psyche! Which one prevails in your life?

  10. Genius Nietsche. The Organising principle, coming from the eternal, unfathomable, mysterious and incomprehensible depths within, which then gives ultimate meaning and a unstoppable drive to existence. Sounds like all spiritual teachings.

  11. This topic really touched my soul. Me and a friend of mine were talking about how the cosmos is contained within each and everyone of us; however, only a few are brave enough to really go in. Most would rather distract ourselves with heedlessness and constant stimulation. Oh lord oh lord. Its such a funny coincidence that I came across this video. Thanks for sharing.

  12. He's the hardest for me to grasp. Now I do believe I understand his plight. Trying to quantify God in an otherwise failed and disturbing world would drive anyone insane. Is it failed? Can we understand our existence? I will declare now that I believe it is possible, though I have not the answers. Nietzsche's insite is not irrelevant, it posses more questions and perhaps less at the same time.

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