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ABC anchor Dan Harris’ on air panic attack and his lesson for you. Good Morning America’s Dan Harris sits down with Dianne Sawyer to discuss not only his personal journey but the journey of many countless individuals that suffer from panic attacks.
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Master Flow says:

I don't understand… how was there anything embbarassing about it? He handled it more than professional.

Kevin Umanzor says:

It’s really wasn’t that bad

Kathryn O'Donnell says:

That wasn't even a bad one!!! I wouldn't be embarrassed about that! It could have looked like a heart attack!

nikita potapov says:

some1 timestamp tgis shit video

James B says:

Not as bad as dissociative episodes.

Josue Hernandez says:

Attack on titan panic attack 😂

Vital Mendoza says:

Why does he look younger ten years later?

Christopher Foret says:

as a combat veteran I can definitely relate….One of the most horrible feelings ever!

Eva MZ says:

What is he talking about at the end that helps with anxiety??🙏 I need it please

Transgender Bela Rana says:

I dont see anything happening.

Rusty Patterson says:

Pussy ass press a model of the snowflake generation

Big Dreams Now says:

Go to my channel if you wana learn How i am making $5000 a day.


His ears got bigger 👂🏼👂🏼

copy print says:

we need more awareness for RICH people, us poor people just don't know how bad he has it , I CRIED WHEN I WATCH THIS, IS THERE NO GOD !!! thank god i'm " LOWER CLASS " HE"S A HERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie Allmon says:

okay Dan Harris let me tell you what you can get happier on 100% you can't make yourself happy your wife can't make you happy your girlfriend can help make you happy you can't find the only person can make you happy if Jesus Christ read it in a book it is there he loves you so much it's people could can't find it you have to be told about love is a gift from him that's what it is and you can't have it 10% you can get it from him a hundred percent I'm so joyful it's under this pathetic I'm not depressed I don't drink I don't smoke on the happiest person in town

SuperHkang says:

mate lay off the caffeine ! coffee !

M L says:

actual footage of me talking to women

Kunta Kinte says:

PANIC ATTACK? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

James Foster says:

BS, some of us have panic attacks because of a condition. We didn't use drugs. Very disappointed because this clip sends the wrong message.

Karie Schneider says:

I have epilepsy, and tiny seizures are sometimes misdiagnosed as panic attacks. I go through what this news anchor experienced ALL the time. It is physiological for me. Assuming that an episode is a panic attack is old school.

K lee says:

I had them where I couldn't feel myself, like I was numb all over.

Russell Jennings says:

You think that’s a panic attack? Try being in the middle of Walmart and start dripping sweat and getting dizzy and thinking your going to die and you have to lay down right in an isle. Now that’s a panic attack.

Santeri 444 says:

Jesus Christ delivered me from panic attacks and anxiety. Seek Him, He is very very real and He loves you so much!!!

OC-SJC :. says:

So because it happened to him he trys to spin its all of us

Allegra Hayward says:

I've had panic attacks in class, while driving, at Walmart, and in the checkout line at the grocery store. But I couldn't imagine having one on TV… How scary

Dennis R says:

Is judge Judy & Dr.Oz—- related? They look so much alike-

sonny lee says:

Didn't really see anything happen…

Wyatt Koker says:

I know what that feels like… damn he handled it well though.

Joe Wall says:

Here’s a tip: don’t have anxiety just get over it

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