Panic Disorder… What is it?

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One of the hallmark signs of some of the highest levels of anxiety is a panic attack. Panic attacks are–at least, for me–one of the most horrible things that a person can experience.

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Psych2Go says:

For those who requested a video on panic attack & disorder, here you go. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to request any other topics. Also, if you're interested in getting a free PSI pendant, here ya go:

Cupcake The Hamster says:

One time someone in my science class was tapping a pencil and within 2 minutes i just started crying for no reason and didnt know why, then they said " r u seriously crying because i was tapping a pencil?" Then that just made me cry even more and draw attention to my self. Fun!

Autumn Kemp says:

I have panic attack’s daily My heart starts to pound it hard to breath and I start to panic like I’m scared for no reasons I curl into a fedal position and waited it out

Bellatrix Lestrange says:

I don't have have a panic disorder but I've experienced panic attacks. It was when I was abroad as well. I was in Lake Garda and we were setting up equipment for the concert we were doing, I was just talking with my friend and we had some technical issues. The amps we had made that weird screeching noise that no one likes to here. Most people just covered their ears. But something different happened for me. I began to feel a empty sick like feeling in my stomach. My ears were ringing and my head was banging, I felt like I was going to burst into tears. My friend was really concerned, I've always been sensitive to loud noises but not to this extent. I kept myself together for until my section of the performance came on. I tried to suppress it but around midway through the performance, It felt even worse. As soon as I was offstage, I fell apart, I couldn't breathe, I started grabbing my head, gasping for air. Everyone was crowding round me, my drama teacher was shouting "BREATHE" in my face, that just made it worse. I was taken to the side by two of my friends, one of them had experienced panic attacks before. She helped me control my breathing. My other friend was just trying to comfort me. Basically I had a 1 and half hour long panic attack. Sometimes I'd be calm then something would trigger it again. I had 3 separate occasions where that happened including the beginning of the attack.
Most of the teachers were really good about it mainly my group leader and a Spanish teacher who was there for medical reasons. The drama teacher though was awful. She brought me and two other girls downstairs. She then proceeded to say this
"Do not throw the word panic attack around, we have someone with anxiety on this trip and they may get offended, so don't say you are having a panic attack even if you are having one"
I kid you not.
Bearing mind
I am 12 and had just come out of a panic attack where I felt like I was DROWNING.
The other teacher told us to tell the staff if we did have another one.
I had another one the next day and told the staff and low and behold, they did not call my parents, I had to do that. And after that, I had a panic attack again in the pool due to the fear I was going to have a panic attack.
And the only teacher who actually gave a Damn was my group leader.
Apart from the kids. The kids on my trip were amazing. I had complete and utter strangers asking if I was Ok and offering me help. They were so supportive and friendly. They would ask if I was Ok in the mornings, they would give me space if I needed it, they'd help me calm down after it all happened.
They did everything the teachers should have done. And i am so grateful for that.
So that's my panic attack story. I'm going back to that school in a few days. I'm worried though. That same drama teacher, is going to be directing my school production. And we rightfully complained about her for the way she dealt with the panic attacks and the lack of information on my wellbeing. Please god help me.

Cecelia Finley says:

God, I just LOVE hyperventilating, freaking out, my heart beating a million miles a hour, sweating, feeling lightheaded, being embarrassed, uncontrollably crying, and scared all at the same time ;-;

Gabriela Pine says:

I have Panic Disorder too, l used to have them at least once a month. Luckly I was able to get stable with therapy, a lot of exercise, meditation and quitting my old job. It´s been a year since I had the last one but I still feel that it can come anytime. When I feel it coming I also meditate.

Kelly Rojas says:

Everybody go horseback riding 🏇🏻 please it will Help! 🤠

Alma Martinez says:

Bruh I also have panic disorder and use Klonopin. It certainly does let you sort of "make peace" with panic attacks, or at the very least what triggers you.

Back when I had panic disorder at its strongest, one of my biggest triggers was the mention of strokes, because my attacks mimicked the symptoms of strokes I feared most; my father had a stroke a decade ago, and it left me somewhat scarred seing how it affected him both short and long-term; it also didn't help that during that time a local hospital wouldn't stop running it's fucking stroke ER treatment ad in the radio while I was driving, complete with the woman in the ad mumbling nonsense and the people next to her worrying.

Sometimes even though I'm on Klono, I'll forget a dose or a panic attack is strong enough to go through my medication regardless. When this happens I get those symptoms that terrorized me so much, but on a somewhat lower dose. I'll feel tense, a little bit unreal, and have a hard time speaking properly. But I've managed to find a way to cope with this and be able to ground myself, and before I know it, I'm back to normal just like that.

Panic disorder sure does sound exotic and a little scary, since people are used to things like GAD where the person is always on edge and shy. Society sometimes is just not ready for people like us who seem to be fine and lively despite being on the verge of tears and screaming, sometimes not even us are ready.

StevenUniverseMLP90sFan says:

I get panic attacks when I go on a steep street hill on the bus and high heights

I always stomp my feet at a consistant rate,try to swallow my saliva,play my Pokemon game,and take parts of my seat belt off cause I have a fear of choking

Bronwyn says:

I have panic attacks and im gonna day i got used to them really fast idk y but I'll have multiple a day and act normal probably cuz there so frequent to me at least i really think I've had a lot worse than panic attacks including asthma attacks of allergies that make me break out in hives and I can't breathe and those are almost ad frequent but everyone can have there own opinion but anyways great video!

Khalid Hassan says:

My panic disorder gave me the motivation to study MBBS and after that I will complete my masters with psychiatry and yea I stopped taking medication almost for 7 months now I think I can handle it because I didn't borne with it and I believe something I didn't borne with it eventually it will fade away 🙂

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