Psychology of Depression

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Without question, you or someone you know has experienced depression. Perhaps you found this video because you are looking for help in overcoming depression. Help comes in many forms and here we explore popular forms of therapy that are used to treat depression, as well as how psychologists define depression.

Self-doubt is common with depression and, as you’ll see in the video, it can mess with your thought processes. You might ask yourself, “Why am I depressed?” or even, “Am I depressed?” Depression is a serious issue that is too often overlooked as just sadness or a personality flaw. If you think that you may be experiencing symptoms of depression, do not hesitate to seek out help. See the resources below for places to start.

Resources for college students and professionals:
Depression resources:
Mental health resources:
Learn about depression:
Learn about treatments:
Find a therapist:

If you or a loved one is suicidal, there is help available. Please contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit their website:


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Swaggy Bish says:

I want to say to anyone that your are most definitely Not alone, there is people always out there that won't hesitate to help us, you just need to have faith in something or someone wither God or other belief, you can find a stable state of happiness and not give everything away due to depression

L91 says:

God I lost everything because of depression.

parmita mishra says:

I am a sophomore at Penn :3 Go Quakers!!

FuzzyPuffs says:

isolation is not the cause is an effect

SciGuy says:

How can I do that sleep deprivation thing?

Justin Chan says:

btw, why is that lamp necessary when there is already sufficient light

Justin Chan says:

is bottom up approach as coping system categorised in psychology as an active way of solving problems or is it exclusively only by asking others for help or meditation?

proserpinathewriter says:

I think it is eye contact because this is extremely important when talking with someone in person.

Dutchik says:

When you never recognised depression. Because you thought you finally were normal, cause you were in some form of therapy at the moment.
Also.during a diagnosis period, but like rigging it because you didn't want to say how miserable your life was. Cause you wanted to be normal. (ADHD diagnosis was quite stressful and self hateful for 8 year old me….)
I had a period of my life where I didn't want to go to school. Like my mom had to literally drag me.
Another one where i cried in the toilets during class like easily twice a day.
Where I wanted to kill myself.
One where I maybe would have. But I was to young, and didn't know yet that suicide was an actual thing people did.

But I am fine now. I have depressive episodes. Especially when something a bit stressful happens. But I learned to deal with it.
After all those behavioural things, self acceptance and understanding things. Which I did multiple of.
Also physiotherapy, cause of my awfull motor skills. I got from granddad. Literally If I didn't do that as a 3 year old. I would not be able to catch something.
My parents stopped forcing me to do those things.
3 years later. It just stopped, gradually became happier and realised that my experience actually wasn't normal.
That the only reason people don't cut themselves is that they don't know where to. Because nobody can find out.

The episodes of it I get when there goes something wrong. I get physically sick, and really need to force myself to do something I need to do. I'm super scared of consequences. Because I know I am unable to fix it.
Also a reason I then do go to school. Or I do go to the gym. Is because the trigger was at home
I have been in school crying with my friends. Not saying what was wrong.
But also just alone. Because they didn't notice me. Or thought I was just studying.
Talking to someone.usually helps the thought loop. But not about it. That makes it worse.
And when the conversation ends. It all comes back.

shamik bhattacharya says:

Nothing works.

sharperguy says:

What about Internal Family Systems therapy?

wowman542 says:

Personally I really liked the background noise, it didn't cause that much of a problem and kept me focused on what you were saying, that's just me though.

SuperHotnessJom says:

My eyes got kinda teary when you said "You are not alone." Thanks, Micah!

Khadija says:

Thank youuu ! !! Really great video 😁

Neuro Transmissions says:

NOTE: First, sorry about the levels. I was using my headphones and apparently the background music is way too high. Second, there’s a weird flickering on the lamp at the end. It seems like the camera is trying to focus and can’t make up its mind. Anyway, hopefully that doesn’t detract from the viewing experience too much! Let me know what you think!

Jiri Salo says:

From the 6:28 point forward there`s an odd effect on the background from the lamp. Might want to check if it is on the original recording too and if it can be avoided.

But still: thanks for the video!

Every Think says:

Wow, the sleep deprivation thing is interesting. When more studies have been done, that could be a great video in itself. Nice work Micah! 🙂

Järvi says:

The soundscape in this video is really really busy; it sounds like the music is fighting rhythmically with the prosody of your speech. Background music with a distorted synth combined with the room sound in the microphone (might want to look at getting some acoustic foam) also make it quite jarring.

If you listen to most videos with background music, it's something not as busy (longer beats, no staccato-chords) and has a more vague rhythm (no steady eighths, but something dynamic like a solo piano jazz piece). Distortion in the synth is also something that calls a lot of attention to itself.

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