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The Very Best new Information of How to Get All of your Heart’s desires. This Method is Simple Painless and Rapid! Only a Few Minutes are Needed to Change a Lifetimes Beliefs! This Must Be Seen Incredible!
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Robert Brown says:

Rob Williams is amazing! He inspired me in ways that I have never felt before. Taking his workshop changed my life.

Frank Armand says:

This Works 😳

Kalpesh Solanki says:

So much BS. Body is electrical system and postures makes different circuits? Pseudoscience. Glad this "technology" stayed in the 80s.

Survival Suburbanite says:

These ideas won't solve an existential threat. Something the West is facing. Ignoring it or pretending life is great is cowardice in the end.

Good stuff though, where appropriate. In all things, balance and moderation.

Wyn Lewis says:

So he developed Psych-K fourteen years ago, then got together with Bruce Lipton and formulated the whole thing into a working system which they teach in their workshops.  And it cost $100 an hour !!     How many hours are you going to do ?    From what I gather, there are workshops all over the place, in many countries.     Is it not obvious to everyone that this whole thing is a massive money making machine ?     People are gullible though and prefer to part with their cash when they could easily get similar techniques absolutely free on the internet.

Michael Smith says:

The Ultimate Truth. – The original Truth Contest site seems to be changed. There are some videos on but you can now

download the free Pdfs here: The Present

and here: The Present With Religion

and The Present (Insights):

Spread the word – It is all totally free!

H P says:

FYI: This muscle testing and subconscious mind should be credited to Dr. David R. Hawkins and reintroduced by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams.

J Ramanathan says:

how do you do it by yourself

Lindsay Ortega says:

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Andy Gascon says:

Thanks, help’s make myself better n understand others in a very simple way!!!
A must share if only one person gets it. ✌🏻❤️💨

Anthony Monte says:

I am really NOT trying to be a debbie downer; I've been trying various techniques to change my Subconscious "programming" which are outdated and interfering with my ability to live the life I desire. For better and worse, I do tend to have a skeptical mindset (my father is a doctor & dedicated skeptic who loves debunking anything which doesn't fall strictly within the "Middle Ground" or outside of mainstream Science, he'd craft very sound logical arguments to debunk whatever I would find impressive throughout my interactions with him). I can't help but notice something which simply doesn't add up about this Psyche-K…

So, he shows Step 3 of his process as being asking the individual's Subconscious mind whether or not changing a belief is a good idea. He phrases it as getting "permission & commitment." He said psychology makes a huge assumption that wherever they find trouble that that means something is broken and needs to be fixed but that it could be a "message/warning" (at around 52 mins). Great observation. Yet, its repeatedly stated, I think by he included, the Subconscious mind is not designed nor function for that type of…insight. It doesn't seem to be congruent nor make sense to ask the Subconscious whether or not a belief needs to be changed. That is, theoretically speaking, beyond the power of the subconscious.

That is the WHOLE thing with "Limiting Beliefs" in the first place! The Conscious mind is fully aware of the change "it" desires but the Subconscious mind lacks the "programs" to support the desired change and instead has opposing programs, making lasting change all but impossible (until the subconscious can be "updated"). My understanding is it's theorized the subconscious becomes programmed and that programming basically remains intact the duration of a person's life unless it is changed, somehow. There are all sorts of different approaches & it seems the only way any of them can work is if the individual using them believes they can work; it seems anything but a reliable science).

As he says, the subconscious is habitual whereas the Conscious is volitional (as I recall about the Conscious). From my understanding, it doesn't have the power of reflection nor insight. Here's the thing, IF the subconscious did have the power of insight or reflection, Limiting Beliefs would be extremely improbable in the first place. Limiting Beliefs are usually defined as being "outdated, outmoded, and self-sabotaging beliefs about oneself which prevent desired change." If the subconscious mind had an awareness as to what's "good" or "bad" for you, it would automatically change the "programmed" habitual behavior on its own volition.

So, why would you ask the subconscious mind for permission to change one of it's beliefs? What does it care if its simply this neutral detached hard drive?

I'll tell you why he does that, to increase the belief/faith of the individual partaking in his Psyche-K that his Psyche-K is going to work for them. He said it himself, he found that "permission & commitment" stage to be "hugely important." Based on current understanding of consciousness, when he asks for permission and commitment, he can only be communicating with the conscious mind. That is simply beyond the power of the subconscious mind (again, based on current understanding).

As I said, I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer. I have pretty much concluded that in order for any of these "reprogram your subconscious mind" programs/approaches to work the subject must first believe they can work for him/her. It all does come down to belief. I think some approaches are going to work for some "type" of people and others not. I think some individuals, as myself, are going to have a more difficult time than others finding something that works for them. The messed up thing is I am fully aware that my believing that about myself makes that outcome more likely to be my reality and that SUCKS! I've been aware of that for a while. Some people are just more suggestible than others. About certain things.

Any of you who would wish to accuse me of "wanting" to resist (or something, idk) effectively having a better life for myself simply because you may feel down because I pointed out what seems like a pretty damn glaring inconsistency in this guy's program can go screw yourselves! It is a trip how powerful beliefs are and they are powerful.

It does seem as though most good things in life have to be worked for. In other words, that good things usually only come after some sort of struggle. It took several centuries of horrible bloody civil wars in Rome wherein the country almost collapsed before they were able to experience the Pax Romana. That's just one example of that basic…belief in action. Did all that unpleasant struggle "really" have to happen, though? Yeah, because that is how it happened and it could not have happened any other way. Closely related is the old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

Point of that being, when I see some guy who stands to profit immensely from peddling a miraculous-sounding instantaneous cure, I get a little suspicious, as do many of us. I believe if I were to invent or conceive of a system I KNEW were capable of doing the things he claims Psyche-K can do for anyone, I would share it with the world, free of charge. I WOULD want credit for my having conceived of it for some selfish reasons, to be bluntly honest. I believe people would gleefully repay my kindness with their own automatically, were I to have stumbled onto such a discovery and shared it with them without demanding I be rewarded. I don't think the Buddha demanded a reward and all of his work concerned the same outcome as does Psyche-K.

There are a couple of things which make me especially suspicious of Rob Williams. He wrote his book about Psyche-K, which as per my understanding (I haven't read it), offers minimal information about how it actually works. In other words, he doesn't attempt to share the methods with people. For that, as far as my understanding goes, he requires people also attend his in person workshops and pay hefty sums of money to learn it. Admittedly, if Psyche-K were a universally effective program, a few hundred dollars worth of debt based fiat currency is chump change and absolutely worth it.

Another thing which makes me suspicious is the fact he attacks other methods of "reprogramming" the Subconscious, blatantly stating they do not work. Yes, when he described his personal experience with using affirmations, visualization, etc., he stated they worked "about 20% of the time." He does acknowledge he gained something from all the different approaches he had taken (leaving something to be desired each time), but when it comes time to hype up his Psych-K, he states that those "classical" methods do not communicate with the Subconscious (or he may have argued they don't communicate with the "right" part of the mind). He states the subconscious simply doesn't understand the input when those methods are utilized. To try to be fair, he might have said the problem with visualizing is many people (such as myself) have difficulty doing it.

As I have already argued, the efficacy of any of these programs probably relies upon the individual who is using them having faith they can work for him/her. Back to Rob Williams, he uses a classic tactic when trying to sell a product (even a new religion); attack and discredit the alternatives and claim whatever you are selling got it right. By doing so, he's effectively helping undermining any belief in those methods viewers of this video may have in those classical ways to change their subconscious, same as I am effectively doing regarding his Psyche-K.

At the end of the day, it seems as though we don't really understand the subconscious very well. People make bold claims which suit their ends but no one really knows. As far as Scientifically supported change, the only thing accepted to work is repetition in order to rewire the brain, neuroplasicity. I do not want to be one of those chumps who says, "oy vey! science says it isn't possible so dream on!"

Good luck to everyone. If you believe Psyche-K has a good chance of working for you, it very well could. So the heck what if it's merely a "placebo effect"? As though that would somehow take away from enabling lasting positive change! There are some little people in this world.

ebbenielsen7 says:

Very inspiring video. But I do not like the condescending way, you comment on other therapeutic directions. It doesn't suit you. Let your own approach speak for it self.

Mira Angel says:

First part is here (in case)

Melody Anderson says:

Does anyone know where I can find part 1?

Mark Peel says:

I wonder what would be a good way to do this if it was just yourself…

Anne Evrard says:

about that 2 years old, I'm curious: who gives him the belief that pain is pain?

Ken Olsen says:

I think it was a great presentation and that very good information was provided.

I think there are a lot of naysayers regarding any issue, and some of them are goofballs too! They seem to present themselves on places like Youtube, Facebook, comment sections of online newspapers, etc… you get the point!

Joan Black says:

He is cruelly wrong when he says that NO genetic disease that runs in a family will automatically manifest in a recipient of that gene. Hemophilia and cystic fibrosis are examples of two genetic diseases that will definitely manifest if one has the gene. If I weren't already convinced (from other sources and from personal experience) that what he's saying otherwise is true, his assertion that NO inherited gene for a specific disorder will, inevitably, express itself would cause me to reject all the other assertions in his presentation.

William no name says:

Interesting perspective on Ericksonian + NLP approaches.

sue weber says:

I am looking for an excellent kinesiologist, anyone know one on the Sunny Coast/Caboolture/Brisbane area. In QLD Australia?

Ashish Saxena says:

Everything was fine except the Freud part. It's not fair to make fun of the father of Psychology like this.

Juliana Tycoon says:

Hey my name is Juliana too, signs of the universe lol 🤔

Michelle Ortlepp says:

What happens when you do the technique with the affirmation and then you still don't believe the affirmation. I haven't tried repeating the technique on the same affirmation.

Abdel Muntaka says:

thank you.
can you tell me/us where can I/we find the first part please ?
I am trying to look for it but for the moment I have not find it.

rABbi ṙẶẞᶀȋ says:

Brilliant Earthling

Andre Aladdin says:

He can talk under wet cement. Does he ever stop.

Crystal Clear says:

Fabulous information!! Thank you!!!

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