RWBY: Practicality vs Psychology (Discussion) – EruptionFang

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Jamie Chevalier says:

Oh shit! I never even considered the possibility of Adams eyes being silver. That would be insane!!!!

ThatWhiteGuy says:

For Yang getting help and getting through it, I have to well…. hand it to her

Tanner Bruning says:

I agree with ravens philosophy that the strong live and the weak die, however it’s the brave that deserve respect, those who fight even when the odds are against them, they are the truly strong. Strength is not purely physical. And in that regard she is the weakest rwby character

Mikaela Raymond says:

Practicality vs Psychology–This is such a creative way to analyze characters!

JoeMavro says:

I guess I'm unable to see Raven from anything but a practical perspective. I don't care what goes on in her head. After all the things she's done, as far as I'm concerned, her feelings are irrelevant. The only two ways I'll ever respect her are if she dies a heroic death or helps the heroes defeat Salem and then willingly goes to prison afterward.

Connor Hilchie says:

I for one can justify Yang's PTSD being turned to rage. She lost her arm to someone who was out there who got away, she couldn't protect Blake who ran off on her, and she doesn't know who she can trust. She's lost her trust in her partner, and her mother. As someone who has had to deal with both extreme trust issues and an undying rage, Yang's situation is not only believable but also relatable to some of us on some level. Like if you know what I mean

Vincent Abramo says:

I have a female OC who wears a mask like Adam. but it is both practical and psychological for her to do so. it covers a facial scar but also acts as a cage for her separate aggressive persona that emerges once it is taken off. the other persona was a result of the Grimm attack that scarred her. let me know what you think Eruption Fang

Jetpizzashere 1 says:

Does anyone else notice that in the thumbnail her robot arm is her right but in the second picture she is missing her left arm

AJ DJ Bron-3 says:

Thumbnail for video has my favorite RWBY character of all time! Yup definitely clicking on this video😆 4:46 As Yeah! My girl!😎💛💛💛

This is Sierra says:

This has to be the best review/discussion video ever. Of all times.
And I mean, not just on your channel but among all similar videos as well

Chris Gowen says:

I don’t think you’ve made a video about this why do qrow and winter dislike each other

Master Chief says:

I actually love Adam and raven they are both two my favourite characters I don't get why people hate them so much

Kuro Kaji says:

Ruby – Focus on her a little bit more, and talk about Summer and the Silver Eyes goddammit
Yang – Shouldn't try to stick to her fighting style, should learn from opponents like kicking from Mercury and strategy from Jaune or anyone smart, probably Weiss
Weiss – I'm fine with her character, I think she deserves the development.
Blake – You have your kicks, rope blade thingy, and your shadow semblance. Use them like you did back in Beacon, woman
Adam – I cringed at how Volume 5 Adam acted. He's more of an angsty teen than being a murderous psychopath.
Raven – I know you're pretty powerful, you're even brave enough to wear a skirt when a blonde guy made you have a baby, but seriously, act like a mother. Like, a caring but strict mother.

Joshua Dejesus says:

I hope we learn more about Whitley in vol 6.

Kacie Wagner says:

I love the way you interpret the characters in so many ways. You understand and also think of even better possible concepts from what can be seen in the show that the writers themselves probably haven't thought of (not to shade their work though) so well along with such complex concepts, but can also explain them very well in such a way that I could never do. I just really appreciate just how you share your thoughts on the greatest potential these characters could have for the audience to see. I hope RT is listening. From Adam's short I think they really may have and v6, for at least me seems kind of promising.

Ziero Tenchi says:

I dont think the ptsd is gone entirely it just took a backburner spot in the plot. And i hope yang and blake talk about her leaving in volume 6 cause she cant just be over that

Dale Erickson says:

Once again sir, Spot on.

BlackIvy13 says:

Love the video! I think I tend to view characters in the psychological way but it's good to have a video that explains this approach to others who might not. Funny enough, I think in Vol 5 when Weiss and Yang talk about Blake, Weiss is a psychological thinker and Yang sees the practical side :'D

Ad Revenue says:

the pic of yang on the right is missing the wrong arm

King Raplh Mativo says:

What about Cinder long sleeve (grim arm) and her mask?

RogueGamer907 says:

Very interesting topic no surprise coming from you fang great vid

E Jack says:

You could honestly make a series about this with different characters I really enjoy your vids like this getting different perspective on characters

Phillip Rajcany says:

Your analysis of Adam I find to be quite complete and well spoken.

HuntSD says:

1: Adam is likely both, but expecting it to be Psychology (to avoid disappointment)

2: Qrow is easily Psychology, the reason why he drinks is likely do to what happened in Summer's Death, either he caused it through his Semblance accidentally, or STRQ went on a mission to kill Salem since Ozpin thought they we're ready. But something happened to make them fail and have Summer Rose killed.

3: Whitley is also likely a little bit of both but more Psychology, nothing to really to say on this one since we don't know this character well enough

4: Yang is both, but switches from time to time, which is what makes it more interesting to me and why shes my second favorite character, it's her journey on how she conquers it.

5: Raven is definitely Psychology as well with how I see it.

Max Schechter says:

Now that I look at Whitley, he reminds me of Don Peragon

MrStealYourGirl B says:

Adam doesn’t take off the mask bc he’s not future he’s not gonna say “ fuck it mask off” XD

AD C says:

I really liked your dive into the psychology behind the characters. Raven has complex and conflicting views and feelings about the state of things, and you can see glimpses of it even when they were trying to give a simplistic view of it for the audience to easily digest. While Raven put Vernal in harms way, it was clear she deeply cared for Vernal. Many of Raven's actions seems to be tacitly the right thing to do given the situation she was in, but she seems to be visibly upset or regretting those actions. What happened to the previous Spring maiden hits a nerve with Raven, she shows genuine regret about leaving Yang but still does it. Raven seems to genuinely care about Yang but still went through with a plan to double cross Cinder and co, despite it putting Yang in the crosshairs. Raven is repeatedly shown to repress the feelings and emotions she genuinely has, in order to the do what's best for herself and her tribe. A way of think her tribe probably imparted into her as she was raised.

Joe Pickett says:

This is why I love the show, while yes looking at this show at face value you can cheer on the good guys and hate on the villains. However I find this why of viewing any form of media to be boring and very one dimensional. I've always felt terrible for Whitely because 1) everyone just shits on him even though he doesn't really do anything, but more importantly 2) he is the only Schnee child that their father's conditioning actually worked with. So for him getting the hate that he does for being the biggest victim of the Schnee household, maybe his mother more so due to Jacque most likely being very abusive towards her, is very disappointing from such a die hard fan base. Only seeing Weiss as a victim because she's one of the main girls or Winter as a victim too because she's nice to Weiss.

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