Signs Your Child is Depressed

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As adults it’s our responsibility to give kids a safe space to talk.


Bright and spacious child room idea
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angry bad boy behind an iron fence looks with hatred
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Mother and young daughter eating lunch and chatting at cafe
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Young Girl With Problems Talking To Counselor Shot On R3D
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closeup of mom with sick child in clinic waiting room
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Ordinary family of three with little daughter in cafe. Father and mother reassuring their child
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Angry young girl stomps around in her bedroom throwing, hitting and biting a stuffed animal
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Hispanic girl cries really emotional
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Attractive African-american family spending family time in a beautiful park
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Father And Daughter Take Selfie On Mobile Phone Lying On Bed
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Children Helping Parents To Prepare Meal In Kitchen
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Sick boy, lying in bed, mother checking his temperature and giving him medicine
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Mother and daughter sit together
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Lugh4Life says:

I knew I’m depressed

kai says:

my mom doesn't understand that im like this.

but i don't want her to.but it hurts to know that it feels like you don't trust the lady who gave you a life that youre going through a difficult stage like this.

Baby Tae - ters says:

if my family sees this, i hate u for not listening to me

Lily Barbour says:

I’m a child I watched this to see if I had signs of depression because I think i am depressed

Laura Chalabi says:

My parents think it's my period 😑

Eshal’s House says:

I’m depressed
I don’t know how I wasn’t depressed before
One other way you can be depressed is physical activity
A symptom is being very lazy lazier then usual XD am I right?
Well depression isn’t a joke

Livia Konickova says:

I want to kill myself. Every day of my life. Nobody cares. Especially my mum.

Evie Carr says:

My mum sees it as i am a hormonal teen when no i am depressed and waiting for school to start to see my friends and hopefully tell one of them

Noble 6 says:

Damn, almost let myself whatch buzzfeed

MinJimin xo says:

..Dear mom: Can you recognise the fact that for almost five years, I’ve had depression. It still goes on. No one should have to deal with it. Smile, Laugh, Joke Around I think. In reality…I’m just dying. Isolated. Broken. Downing. Drowning in my huge pool of sadness, thoughts I get, stares I get…It’s not fair, my sister says. What she doesn’t know isn’t fair, is the fact that everyone blocks me out. Doesn’t talk to me for days, weeks, months. I don’t want to carry on. I can’t. But I do. I still have that tiny tiny feeling in me saying get up. Do it. Try smiling. Try talking more. “Why don’t you hang around with us?” You yell. I just reply with a shrug but inside…Inside I have this pit. The pit is full of pain and emotions that I can’t get rid of. So next time you ask me why I don’t hang around with you all? Think. Before. You. Speak.

If anyone is reading this I want to let you know to carry on. Your beautiful, perfect, skinny, amazing and the best for reading this. I’m Your hope. Hopefully, you will read this if battling Depression. My Snapchat is: zara_0016 (I have the tied up pony btw) If you need or want to talk about your feeling, feel free to. Carry on. – Zara xo

Always Gacha says:

I’m 11 I have depression but if I were to tell my mom nothing would change so my best friend talks to me about it

Be One With The Anime says:

My mum is training to be a therapist for depression etc and she hasn't even noticed how I've been. She just thinks it's me being a 13 year old and goth

Lemon Side says:

I do understand out I had depression when I was 9. When I turned 10 I had severe depression.
I really wanted to kill myself because nobody understood that I had this monster in me.
Everyone, and I mean everyone tells me “Oh, kids like you don’t have depression. They are too young.”
In my head I tell myself “It’s okay if they hate me, I will never bother them again if I just kill myself.”
Till this day, I still don’t have any therapy or medications neither have I told my parents about this.

Vonny Clark says:

I don't care if I have depression

Yaoi Weaboo says:

My mom should really watch this Video I have all of these (not wanting to do things getting headaches and not wanting to hang out with anyone) when she did ask (practically scream at me I just denied it

クリム says:

A 10 year old cutting herself , welp thats me!

Hunter A. says:

I have been a lot more open recently. I believe that if I told my mom, she wouldn't want to deal with it; my step mom, would doubt it; but my dad? Who has depression, one night, said "Depression is hard. Do you think you have that?" And I just nodded. And he nodded back.

And now, after years of suffering, I have some hope that I can get help. Finally.

juliaplays roblox says:


kaylee ramirez says:

well i’m depressed:(

Jesus Christ says:

I had counselling for a few months and my mum thought i was 'cured'not true it just got worse

James Mims says:

Over the last five years I had started to have progressively withdraw into a downward spiral of depression. But now w ith this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can completely focus my energy and thoughts into a definitive line on how to make my entire life much better continually. Right now, I can really say that I am free of depression.

SaberWolf 209 says:

I have nothing in life

SaberWolf 209 says:

Mom parents will never watch this

Bendytale Chara Dreemur says:

i never knew i was depressed…

Gary Butt hole says:

my parents think i am depressed and I am fine, what do i do

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