The Sick Psychology Behind the Refusal to Grasp the Depths of Jeffrey Epstein's Ignored Horrors

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“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” — Marshall McLuhan

McLuhan was absolutely correct. The intellectual depravity that is required to even source the news that’s being offered is off the charts. Trust me. No, TRUST ME! Jeffrey Epstein to understand this matter requires a sentience I will explain.


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Merkaba 13 13 says:

Pizza gate?

Carrie Koepka says:

You have done yeoman's work on this one, Mr. Lionel. Most excellent, Sir.

Franklin Jones says:

So Clinton’s Office made a statement he does not know anything about Epstein’s terrible crimes. Even I knew, so who are you joking. Also that Bill has never been to Epstein’s Island. Later I can hear Bill saying. Well it depends on how you define “ever been”. Lol. This is the end.

Mr. Wonderful says:

To the Left… it's about the CONSENSUAL VALIDATION.

Gypsy Treasures says:

Please fix audio

Mr. Wonderful says:

Lowering the voting age to 16…what's next….lowering the age of consent to 16….14?

Claudia K says:

If you had done your research, you would not be citing as extreme those who know that Satanic New World Order realities are behind, part and parcel, of the horrors committed on Epstein's Island and elsewhere.

Mark Wheeler says:

Yes Lionel . . follow the money on Epstein . . my thought for some time . . a billionaire created by dangerous knowledge and compromised wealthy people.

Matthew Miller says:

Part of the problem is these crimes may be believable in some small scale cases, the one in a million sicko but to see this thing having become institutionalized, having become part of government, protected by government agencies. Having become mandatory in entertainment, that is what so many can’t comprehend.

Dorothy G. Tyas says:

Well and sadly said Mr. Lionel! Like it or not, we normies are collectively witnessing the dropping away of the proverbial veil. The vomitous psychopathy at work in the Epstain (sic) moral universe simply staggers the boundaries of the imagination. Yes, it's all an instance of rank orgiastic 'eyes wide shut' territory having over-flown its social sewer right into the collective consciousness… The Horror! The Horror! Ewwww…. ✋😲

rhondarydell says:

can barely hear you. volumes all the way up

Isabelle de Taillefer says:

Psychologist James Hillman made a brilliant observation in his book 'The soul's Code' on the American psyche's ability to go into Forest Gump mode, and its unwillingness to recognise that "Natural Born Killers are the secret companions of, are even prompted by, Forest Gumps."

GodsTruthMinistries says:

Only the death penalty for this type of demonic dirtbag scum will solve this or slow it down. Florida still has it but NY doesn't. And a speedy death sentence…like carried out at dawn the next morning.

William Boyd says:

So many people are looking for someone to follow. Only a narcissist can survive on his own terms. Let your walking do the talking.

Robert Castle says:

The Clinton's are a crime cartel.Trump is cleaning up the swamp and they will go down to.

Glenda McGee says:

This is a set up for Comey's daughter to offer a plea deal to Epstein if he accuses Trump of something.

Dawn Hall says:

Hey, Lionel, have you watched the American Intelligence Media channel lately? Douglas Gabriel is saying that you don't exactly tell THE WHOLE TRUTH, that you only go so far with exposing things because you may be on the payroll of people who won't let you tell ALL the facts. Is that true? Are you being paid by people who control your content? Oh well. C'est la vie!

G Keller says:


laserus3333 says:

Ebstien? Hmm Mossad's hidden ✋4 😈🎥😱

Jane Young says:

Lionel, I didn't know about any of this until 3 years ago. I try to enlighten people. What I have to wonder is this, what have you done if you have long known about it? I sure as hell hope something! Not just now because the timing was right! I think you and your wife are better people than that. I think.

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