Top 10 Psychology Hacks You Can Use To Control Situations

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The following ten examples demonstrate how you can use knowledge of certain psychological principles to control situations to your advantage, be it socially, professionally, or academically.
BeAmazed… Throw them off their game – If you’re playing a sport, or a game, and your opponent is doing spectacularly, there’s a way to throw them off without them even realizing it. Ask them about their technique. Don’t over-negotiate – Negotiating deals is a mixture of art and science that some people seem to excel at and others just stumble through. Eye Contact – Figuring out just how much eye contact you’re supposed to make in a conversation can be awkward, especially for the sorts of people who might not be huge fans of having conversations with people they don’t know in the first place. Remember names – Whenever you meet someone that you’ll meet again, or even if there’s just a chance that you’ll meet them again, it’s important to remember their name. Chew gum for tests – Provided that your loud chewing noises don’t cause your classmates to physically attack you, scientists have discovered that chewing gum right before a test could improve your score. Foot in the door – This infamous psychological marketing method, known as the ‘foot in the door’ technique, operates on the principle that people are more likely to agree to something big if you can first get them to agree to something small. Asking questions – Talking to other human beings can be difficult for some human beings. It can seem like a daunting task, and it can be almost physically painful to sit through an awkward silence. First dates – While many people may think that the ideal place for a first date is a movie theater or a coffee shop, science may suggest that you would be better off taking your date on a roller coaster. Smiling – Smiling, it turns out, can be a powerful psychological tool. “Because” – At a library, researchers cut in front of people who were in line to use a photocopy machine. Not because they were really busy, but for science.

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AnonomousDuck says:

I'm totally using these to earn someone's trust and then completely let them down.
Sociopathic? Probably.
Fun? More than you would ever imagine.

Gina Andrews says:

I actually learned about #6 in a psychology course.

I AM says:

Thats what Shadow Hitler does and he never realizes what hes actually doing. He just does stuff for his control and power issues. Like Psychological Charles Manson tricks are his fave. Im tryna get my advantage out here. whats up? Im tryna control lemme guess im wrong? thats what I thought. see how controlling i am without even trying? thats your cue slave to say "no no no" and that Im wrong. I do compelled speech too. lookin like you need to buy your way out of Shadow Hitler to me

Master Derp says:


Hamilton be like


Backyard Stranger says:

I threw the gun at the interviewer on disapproval.

Izaya Evarez says:

YES!! You humans hitting me with that mess!! People hit me with that "because" all the time and I be like "sure". LoL!! They probably just watched this video.

Faysal Shuvo says:

Because works for me ,

Paul Kareta says:

Yes! 50 proven ways to be more persuasive is a great book

Devin Mullins says:

#1 fall on your back and fight them with your legs. Now youve thrown them off their rhythm

Tucker DeLaoch says:

right at the end about commenting he added, "Because i want to know" the because is what made me write this comment, so it worked, but at the same time i caught it, yet I still wrote the comment for seemingly no reason now except to fulfill the task of my brain even though I don't want to. Would you consider that crazy, because I do.

Marc Shaftenberg says:

You really should've added "…because it makes us lucky" after "Please hit the bell icon"

Randomly Sam says:

Would you like to give me a narrator job, because I would love to get my voice out there. 👀🔺

DigiVoice Africa says:

im just commenting, "because you want to know"

Chin Rasu says:

vg Hf y CCTV

Devbo Slice says:

Yeah, try taking a vegan woman with long hair for a ride in a miata with no top in the fall. I never heard from her again. Lol guess skinny vegans don't have great temperature regulation

timothy yates says:

ok the words because and may i and would you


the situation control is a key to suceed for every feeld of human life , plz subscribe my channel

Adrien Schmitt says:

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Brijesh Rammurti Dubey says:

Wow Amazed to Know That Mr.Obama has a week memory …Good one…!

StayAwake _ says:

If you tried any of these techniques on me, I’d just laugh in your face because of how obvious what you’re doing is…Oh yeah. I’m a psych-major. That’s what’s supposed to happen :).

Christian Leis says:

I want to be gay

Minecraft 9044 says:

2:55 any Indian out there

Karlloki Juettner says:

I did not know the bubble gum makes us smarter

souleater4242564100 says:

I feel like I've learned how to be a manipulative prick.

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