What Panic Attacks Feel Like

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You will get through it.

adapted from this post – http://www.buzzfeed.com/robynwilder/panic-attack-experience

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Moonlight Char says:

When I get panic attacks I breathe loud and fast I get hot and my leg starts shaking

Your favourite gay potato says:

When I have a panic attack I: hyperventilate, start crying, start shaking, my heart beats at 100 miles per hour, my throat closes up, my mind spins and I feel completely helpless

fortnite_love_xx2 5 says:

When get panic attacks I feel like I'm gonna die or faint I try to escape it but I can't it's sucks so bad but It always pases

JustTypicall says:

I ran towards the ball, aiming for the goal. 3 feet away, I kick towards the goal, only for the ball to go out the thick white line. I turn around to see Gaby laughing. Stupid, she says. I shrug it off, making it in to a joke. ‘She’s just salty’ I say, while trying to laugh. She tugs on my sleeve while trying to push me out the way. Eventually, she runs after the ball, aiming for the other goal. My head is miffed. I did nothing to her. My breathing gets heavier and heavier until I’m panting uncontrollably. Breathing is hard and my chest hurts. I’m shaking and I’m sweaty. I let out a whine. Don’t let anyone hear, says the voice in my head. I try to hold it in, but that panting won’t stop. It hurts. Everything hurts. Finally, Gaby turns around and sees me. She comes up and just hugs me. It’s as if she’s had a switch in personality. She calls out to the coach and at this point, I’m convinced I’m having a heart attack. I’m lead to sit down. My breathing levels out and everyone asks if I’m alright. I say yes. I hear someone whisper that I just want drama and attention. But I don’t. I don’t want any of this. I call my mom to pick me up and once she does, I tell her what happened. She shrugs it off. You were just tired, sweetie, she says. Just tired.

person random says:

Like when u think your teeth are fine and than feel them and for a second your finger touches a little bit of plaque and u think CAVITY OR ROTTING TOOTH

Soraia Dragon says:

This may not sound like a panic attack but it is
When I have my panic attack my heart beats really fast I get a headache also my mood changes really big like I can be happy at first then u all u know is that I'm super mad for little things

Living with EDS says:

But a little worse

Living with EDS says:

Yup that sounds about right

Joydeath says:

I had a panic attack once it was so scary I felt lightheaded I was fighting for breathe and I started shaking uncontrollably and my eyes started tearing up for no reason I started to sweat and my vision blurred

Briana Shaid says:

When I get my panic attack it hard for someone to tell if I’m have a asmtha attack or a panic attack I slowly fall to the floor I think is these my last secs alive and then I my boady goes numb and my heart goes fast and my thought go fast and the. Two hours later I’m fine and i do not know what just happened to me

Mya 11 says:

When I have a panic attack I feel like I’m suffocating and people are watching me, not helping. My heart starts beating outta control and my head feels like I’ve slammed it into the wall. as I’m screaming to stop crying my words are muffled by my gasp to breath. It will stop for a couple seconds I finally think it’s over but then my heart starts it’s race again and my vision blurs. These last for 30 min

vanessa reynolds says:

I cry and shake always, and most of tge time i want to vomit

Turtle Neck says:

When I have mine, I feel weak, yet strong and destructive. I can hear sounds similar to a loud car engine in a consistent tone, and I feel like any little movement I make could destroy and kill everything and everyone around me, or even the world. Along with that, any little soft movement I make seems like I'm killing people, or feels like I'm moving at 1000 miles an hour. I may panic and hyperventilate, but the other side of me tries to calm my self down, and offers to comfort me. I've grown so used to it, that I've developed a system to keep myself from self destruction, and it consists of war clean clothes, hot cocoa, and a calm environment. And if I don't have access to that, it's longboarding. I do what I can…

Atreyee Barman says:

It's the worst experience…Hope one day Ill be able to control myself..Seeing other people in same condition in the comments section made me feel sad..It's really worse when my body is not in my control and I can't do anything.Its getting worse day by day.I'm so depressed 😟😞😟

Nervous says:

Shaking, hyperventilation, crying, dizziness, fear of something that might not be there, legs collapsing and scream-crying on the floor

PointTopics says:

I just had a congestion panic attack… I couldn’t breath, I got exited (for some stupid reason) and cried. It felt a bit like a seizure!

phone says:

For me, I get massive chest pains near my heart area. This causes me to believe that I’m having a heart attack (even though I’m not really old enough for that stuff) and it causes even more pain. My breathing also gets shorter and harder to breathe. Sometimes, I can’t even walk properly and the only way I could lessen the pain is by curling up or slouching. I had one that lasted for 2 or 3 hours and I had to go to the E.R. because I was so scared.

信仰faith says:

I got a panic attack a few times and for me it's
1.feel like I'm going to faint (but usually don't)
2 . Shaking really bad
3. Throw up
4. Forget things

Blue Berries says:

When I have a panic attack it’s nowhere near what they’re trying to describe. But hey, I guess it’s different for everybody 🤷🏼‍♀️

Rocko777 P. says:

I guess I’m not the only one!

World Exploder says:

Just think….no matter how bad a panic attack feels….actual dying will feel 100s of times worse. Best to not have been born.


The thumbnail scared me a little because I have a fear of being in water/drowning.

Jasmin the great says:

did anyone else see the panic attack ad before the vid? creepy…

Apex Savage TV says:

This is my story on panic and anxiety attacks

Elijah Louise says:

i like the voice

Obviously Fake Name says:

when your chest feels empty and you know you’re supposed to be dead but you’re alive. thinking your heart isn’t there but it’s beating so fast.

jordan cadi says:

When I get one, my heart starts beating so fast and my chest feels tight and sore. My heart just gets faster and I can’t breathe. I start sobbing and hyperventilating and so I start shaking and thrashing and taking my fingers through my hair. It’s so scary.

mango melona says:

When I get one my throat tightened and heart and chest pain I feel like in a dream.

Madison Filpansick says:

wow. this is amazing how well this explained it.

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