Why Fans Turn Into Haters – The Psychology of Idolization – Teal Swan

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The psychology of idolization and why fans turn to haters resides in an individuals psychology and the disowned aspects of the person themselves. The idolization of idols, rock stars, pop stars, spiritual figures or figures of authority represent this disowned aspects that they have suppressed within themselves therefore when other people own or represent these aspects they quickly idolize or admire them. If they get close and this vision of them falls from the pedestal they’ve put them on, Teal Swan explains that it can quickly turn to hate.

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Fragmentation The Worldwide Disease: 3:19

Jealousy and Envy: 6:35

Teal Swan is an International Contemporary Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, authenticity, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality

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Lina Ali says:

I do not know him i never be fan to any of your art

Honor Yourself says:

hmm wonder what happens when you idolize your self?

Soph Alexandria says:

I don't understand how people hate celebrities , that's a low level I'll never get to .

Alfi Singh says:

Such a beautiful video n it's so true , Thank you Teal 💝

J O A N N A says:

haha these are the petty girls in my high school

Stacey'z Rainbow Sparkling Heart says:

SantaClaus 🎅 style. So true! 😂

Stacey'z Rainbow Sparkling Heart says:

This is MY LIFE.

Carla Calloway says:

MIND BLOWN!!! This is a superb explanation of Eminem’s prophetic record “Stan.”

Memo Herdez says:

I don’t know what’s about that. I remember my friends putting posters on their walls to look “older” or “rebel” or “dangerous” or even to look “cool”. And very ocasionally was about idolizing a singer or a sportman. I thing if any I got to idolize the actor Jan Claude Van Damme and Slash from Guns and Roses band. But I felt admiration for Van Damme because I wanted to be as great karate guy as him. I also wanted to play guitar and sound as “good” as Slash. He had such a deep feeling on his playing. But then when you grow up you realize he was just another human being doing something cool but also living a dangerous life full of excess. As imperfect as anyone else. And on what concerns karate, I wanted to kick and fight as good as Jean Claude Van Damme because he was the hero on his movies. Of course based on absurdly untrue stories. In some way none the less, I always thought that behind all those movies there was a metaphora about the inner fight and difficulties you go through on your own path to achieve your deepest and real dreams.

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