Yaron Brook Show with clinical & cognitive psychologist, Gena Gorlin, PhD

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TeaParty1776 says:

I wonder if Gorlin has any thoughts about the claim by psychiatrist Louis Sass, who says in _Madness And Modernism_, that schizophrenia radically increased since Kant's transcendental idealism. Ie, that the idea of a mind-body split, taken w/sufficient seriousness, causes a psychological mind-body split.

Jonty Campbell says:

Dr Gorlin is such a wee poppet.

Adam Dalgleish says:

Love the material, hate the inflections

Thomas Ollister says:

The Black Panther movie was all about a racialist ethno-state. Why doesn't Yaron spend anytime condemning that in the name of Objectivism? If it had been about a White ethno-state, he would have flipped out. He also seems fine with Israel, an actual ethno-state. Hmmm

Thomas Ollister says:

Genes matter. A lot. They affect our mentality and our emotions. As far as race being a mere "social construct", that is silly Leftist nonsense and everyone knows it.

Mr J3nk0 says:

This talk helped. Thank you.

jocal17 says:

I want to congratulate Yaron. This is my first experience with one of your videos where you didn't make a disgusting contradiction, react indignantly against a claim and then embrace the same principle in different instantiations, or use a supporting example you didn't realize actually provided proof of the exact opposite of your point, within the first five minutes. The best and most revolutionary software has been developed by hackers motivated by a reputation for skill, pure enjoyment of their craft and have received little to zero monetary compensation. Nietzsche understood this desire and promoted it. Your intellectual equal, Ayn Rand, misunderstood it in terms of the values of the a society she was too stupid to realize were just that. One of the founders of the open source movement, and the maintainer of the software that makes gps possible(he does this for fun) is as free market fundamentalist as you. A promoter of pure communism in the development of software, that turns into a babbling idiot as soon as the word is mentioned. Thats what makes your phone possible. And do you pay that 600 now? or is it too much? A smart phone is probably the best possible example of what can be created with socialist values, yet you promote as the beauty of what Steve Jobs is capable of in a capitalist society. Is this the standard amount of research you do for examples that promote your dogma? Thats actually too nice a term. You don't even argue for your dogma, you assert things deduced from some intuitions, such as government is this or that sort of thing. Any four year old can do that. You need to justify, or promote those intuitions, then we would all come to same conclusions. You act as if it's hard to deduce from classical liberal premises that it's a good idea to keep government small.

Scarlet Pimpernel says:

Thanks to you both for an excellent interview-I've been broadly and vaguely puzzling about these issues myself when listening to thinkers like Harris and other atheistic determinists, and Ms. Gorlin puts it all into contemporary focus and gives us the modern, 'rationalist' and Objectivist-oriented/informed context.

Mark Cini says:

Whenever I get sick of listening to intellectuals who are collectivists I come back here to get recharged. Interviews with objectivist intellectuals in all kinds of fields, this is great! I'm always looking for new and inspiring objectivists, they are very hard to find unless you're quite active in the community. Thanks Yaron!

jmavs says:

This was awesome!

ASMR Massage Psychetruth says:

Friendly advice Yaron you really need to mount your camera a little better so it doesn't shake so much. I've seen a number of your video and it's distracting.

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